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Orange Blossom Absolute


Orange Blossom Absolute Overview  

We are so excited to share our latest addition, orange blossom absolute oil. Whether you are a seasoned perfumer or new to the world of aroma, you will surely get immersed into the refreshing aroma of this oil. 

It is commonly known as bitter orange and belongs to the same citrus family as lemon, orange, lime, grapefruits etc. It has glossy, elliptical leaves with a leathery texture

It is a perfect blend of sweet, citrusy, bitter, fresh and floral notes. This potent extract captures the most potent aroma of Citrus Aurantium Var.Amara. Each drop is a testament to the best of nature. Orange blossom absolute can be used to make natural perfumes, mists, aromatherapy and personal care products. 


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Citrus Aurantium Var.Amara

Plant Family: Rutaceae

Country of origin: China

Extracted from: Flowers

Colour and appearance: Light yellow

Aroma: Floral, citrusy, sweet, bitter

Oil type: Absolute Oil