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Private Label Essential Oils

Aromachology offers private label essential oils service in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Korea, & Japan with no minimum order. 


private label essential oils and co-packing service in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia

Private Label Essential Oils - End To End Service In USA & Canada

Get ready to start or elevate your business with our end-to-end private label (white label) and manufacturing service. 

Whether you are an established business or just starting your brand, we've got just the right team for you. From blending to designing, you will find all solutions under one roof. 

And the best part is that there is no minimum order quantity. You will get products that resonate with your natural and organic oils business. 





Why Choose Aromachology as your Private Label Essential Oils Co-packer?

Private labeling or white labeling is a service where you choose a trusted manufacturer and supplier and ask them to create retail ready essential oils for you. They will do all the hard work, from packaging to sourcing and you will have to focus on just marketing and selling of the products. 

We did some market study and identified the pain points associated with the white label industry. Then, we worked with our team to create a model that addresses those challenges and helps us work with you seamlessly. 

Today, we can confidently say that our systems centric approach is one of the finest in the market when it comes to creating natural and organic essential oils, carrier oils, diffuser oils, or aromatherapy blends. 


why choose aromachology as your private label essential oils co-packer


Some reasons that make us your best bet:

Unparalleled Quality Of 100% Pure, Natural & Organic Products

One of the biggest fear in this industry is the quality assurance. We understand that and hence are committed to deliver much more than promised. 

Our products are of premium quality and its not just us saying that. Our customers have gotten them tested in private labs in United States and have gotten only positive results. 

We keep a strong check on quality and provide GCMS, COA & MSDS to prove the same.

Whether you are looking to start a business around therapeutic grade essential oils, carrier oils, hair oils, or body massage oils, these documents can help you stay on top of the game. 

Win The Price War

With the highly competitive market out there, we identified that quality was not all. If you have to win in this business, you need to offer the best price too. 

Hence, we work with you to offer a price that is not just lowest in the market but fits your target segment too. This creates space for you to maximize your profit. 

Creating Your Nice

Once you've got the quality and price under control, you need to get creative and figure out a niche for your business. 

This is where our custom blends service will come in handy. Our team of expert aromatherapists and aromachologists will patiently work with you to create unique blends that you can mark your niche with. 

Branding And Packaging

In order to deliver a retail ready product to you, we will also help you out in finding the right bottles. 

We've even got an in-house team of graphic designers who will relentlessly work with you to create the labels that fit best for your brand and vision. 

Make Your Own Kit

If you are just testing out the essential oil industry waters and want something basic, you can ask us for a small kit, where we will deliver bottles, caps, labels and oils of choice. 

No Minimum Order

We can work with any order quantity, you don't have to worry about placing large orders to avail this service. 

Door Step Delivery - Almost Everywhere

We provide doorstep delivery almost everywhere in the world. And for the places we don't, trust us, we are working on it. 

Now that you are on board, let us explain the process we follow. 


our white label essential oils service process

Our Private Label Process - As Simple As A-B-C

Whether you are looking for private label essential oils for diffusers, hair, spa, massages, humidifiers, etc, we've got just the right process for you. 

1. Consultation - Let's Get Personal (Or Maybe Not)

First, we'd like to get to know you. We will arrange for a one to one consultation session where our team will understand vision, brand, people and everything else around it.

If you are looking to create a signature blend, this is the time to share your requirements with us. 

2. Shortlisting & Detailing

We will then recommend you personalized options that we believe could be a good fit for you. This would involve options of oils, blends, bottles, labels etc.

You would get the opportunity to pick from a wide range of oils like:

Then bottle likes:

Trust us, you would be spoiled for choice. If you already have labels ready, you can send the files to us and we will print them for you. 

3. Finalizing and Shipping

Once you would have found the right fit, we would work with you to finalize the order and other necessary details.

We will then ship your order with a suitable partner like DHL or UPS.

And just like that you would have your own brand of essential oils ready to sell in the market. 

Now that's what we call an end-to-end service. 


Creating Your Own Blend For Private Label Essential Oils

When it comes to creating your private label oils, you cannot overlook the significance of creating your own blends. Your unique blends hold the power to create a competitive edge in the industry. 

While a lot of you might be expert formulators and perfumers, we understand that some of you might need some hand holding in this journey. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

You can use the following guide as a starting point to create your own blends.

Understand The Oils

As basic as it sounds, start by doing some high level research on the type of oils available out there and identify various grade options. 

Narrow Down The Purpose

Define the impact you want to create with your white label essential oils. This could be like creating a relaxing vibe or an energizing vibe, your purpose should guide your selection. 

Concentrated Or Diluted

Depending on your purpose, you would also have to identify whether you want to offer 100% pure and concentrated oils or do you want to create blends that are diluted with suitable carrier oils. 

The advantage of the latter is that you can directly use them on skin. 

Keep A Note Of Note 

Pun intended. Fragrance notes might not be everything in blending but they hold a very high throne. 

Understand the function of top, middle and base notes and think about adjusting the ratios accordingly. 

A good ratio that we follow is

  • Top Note: 30%
  • Middle Note: 50%
  • Base Note: 20%


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