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Absolute Oils

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Absolute Oils

Have you ever heard of absolute oils? If not, you are in for a treat.

You may not have heard of absolute oils, but you may have seen them, and you’ve smelt them.
An essential in aromatherapy, perfumery, and massage therapy, absolute oils are strong aromatic oils obtained by rigorously processing huge amounts of plant parts, the list of which goes beyond their flowers.

So, what is it that sets an absolute oil apart from the other types of plant extract oils available out there?
Absolute oils are exactly as the name suggests; absolute. The highest degree of purity achievable for a product potent like any other. The craftsmanship involved in the processing is called solvent extraction.

You can call it an ancient art that is refined over the ages and our team ensures every drop of oil we deliver is as pure as the nature it is derived from.

Absolute Oils vs Essential Oils: Understanding the difference between these two natural oils

Whether you are an aromatherapy newbie or an expert, you must have at some point gotten confused between absolute oils and essential oils. right?

Don't be embarrassed about it, these two terms are used so interchangeably that confusion is inevitable. And the plethora of content on the internet around it doesn't help because it hardly explains it in simple terms.  

Please Read More About the Difference between these two oils Absolute Oil vs Essential Oil

You might have also thought aren’t essential oils the same thing?

Close, but not quite the same.

While essential oils are derived from the parts of a plant that are visible, absolute oils can involve plant roots, resins, and other delicate parts to obtain a unique scent profile. The possibilities are wider with absolute oils.

With a difference in raw material selection also comes a difference in processing:
You get essential oils by steam distilling plant parts, and then filtered and concentrated out from the mix. The involvement of steam makes them more diluted and volatile than their absolute counterpart.

Absolutes, on the other hand are so potent that a few drops are often more than enough to get the job done. This potency also comes with a price tag of its own, but one whiff of the oil is more than enough to explain the complexity of the processing and the volume of raw materials employed to obtain the same.

Absolute Oils for Perfumery

The more easily available of the two, essential oils are generally made use of in the home décor, beauty, and skincare industry while absolutes are generally used in high-end perfumery owing to their scent profiles which are as unique as they are strong.

Whether it’s Chanel’s No.5 Tom Ford’s Black Orchid or Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium, all of them have a mix of absolute oils thrown in the mix to give them an iconic fragrance worthy of the stature of the brand they represent.


Uses and Benefits Of Absolute Essential Oils

Have you wondered about the uses and benefits of absolute essential oils? You might get the feeling absolute oils are an irrelevant product for you if you’re not someone in the perfumery industry, but there’s more to absolute essential oils than what meets the eye.

Absolute Oils have been used since the Vedic ages in India, they’ve been advocated for and used by Hippocrates, regarded as the father of modern medicine in his medical practices as well. 

It’s not just about luxurious perfumes; they have a medicinal touch to them as well, which may be responsible for our bodies’ natural affinity for them.

Rose absolute in diffusions improve the air of your surroundings, rejuvenate your mood, reducing stress and anxiety.

Cardamom absolute and calendula absolute are a great natural remedy for skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Boronia absolute, black tea absolute, and benzoin absolute are all popular choices in perfumery. 

The list of benefits these absolute oils bring with them is nothing short of miraculous and more than justifies the premium price tag they come with; makes you think they are as magical as they smell!

Precautions to keep in mind

However, while they have a host of benefits to offer, make sure you exercise caution in usage. Do not take the strength they carry lightly. 

Ensure your body is not allergic to the oil you wish to use. Try test patches to ensure your body does not have a reaction to the ingredients used.

Consider these oils to be like medicines, and just how you wouldn't take medicines without medical supervision, you should use them under a professional's guideance only.  

Absolute oils wholesale for natural perfumery

Absolute Oils At Wholesale Prices - Experience The Purity

If you are looking to buy 100% pure and natural solvent-extracted absolute oils in bulk at wholesale prices then you are at the right place. Aromachology offers the same for all uses and at most competitive prices in the market.

Founded in 2008, we at Aromachology help you meet your Absolute Oil needs at wholesale rates.

Based out of Jaipur, the pink city we a knowledge of raw material supply unlike others in the business. You will notice that Jaipur is well versed in the craftsmanship and is home to perfumery artisans for generations. 

We are skilled in practices that goes in preparing authentic absolute essential oils as well as employing those oils into finished products. Our team here takes inspiration from royal heritage and crafts these mesmerizing aromas in form of absolute oils. 

We've got something for all needs

The vast collection of pure absolute essential oils for natural perfumery gives you the perfect chance to put on your creative caps to create your own fragrances. Whether you are shopping for reselling or for creating your own natural perfumery, at www.aromachologyoils.com you will experience nothing less than perfection

Whether you’re looking to experiment with fragrances or need a supplier to meet the growing needs of your medicinal-aromatic business, we’ve got products that will fit your price and variety needs.

We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our raw materials and the precision of our craftsmanship, so whether you want a drop or the entire ocean, we’ve got you covered on both fronts: quantitative and qualitative.

We've got a collection that is fit for beginners as well as expert aromatherapists and perfumers. From rose absolute to cassie absolute, you name it, we've got it! 

Our prices are highly competitive and hence buying from us gives you an edge over your competitors. 

What are you waiting for? Order today and experience the true magic of nature in your lives.

Didn't find the size/quantity that you are looking for?

Don't worry. Just drop us an email at sales@aromachologyoils.com or simply WhatsApp us on +91-9610850555 and our team will help you with whatever quantity that you are interested in.

Whether it is just 10ml that you are looking for or 10,000ml, we have the capability to serve all. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are absolutes so expensive?

Absolutes are usually more expensive than other kinds of natural oils because the quantity of raw material that goes into extracting one drop of absolute oil vs any other oil is significantly high. This also means that these are way more concentrated than other oils like essential oils. 

Are absolute oils natural?

Yes, absolute oils are natural oils that are derived from various botanical parts through solvent extraction method. 

Are absolute oils safe for skin?

Absolute oils are safe to use on skin, rather they can be quite beneficial for the skin. Having said that, it is crucial to follow proper precautions while using them on skin. Do not use them directly and always dilute before usage. Yes, we've said it multiple times but we will say it again. Please do a small patch test before using them. 

It is due to the numerous skin benefits of absolutes that they are such a popular ingredient in skincare formulations. 

How do you make absolute oil?

Absolute oils are extracted from numerous plant parts through a process called solvent extraction. In this process, you basically add a solvent that holds on to the aromatic and therapeutic compounds of plants and later those compounds are separated from the solvent. It is quite a common technique and is used by multiple industries.