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Aromachology introduces USDA and ECOCERT certified organic essential oils to you at highly competitive wholesale prices. Pure organic essential oils are extracted from raw material grown without synthetic pesticides or chemicals. Just like our conventional essential oils, these oils carry the therapeutic qualities of the plant part and are great for aromatherapy, skincare, perfumery, personal care products and much more. Usually higher in quality than conventional oils, organic essential oils are also used in dietary supplements, neutraceuticals and pharma products. Our oils are free from chemical additives, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. To live up to our high-quality standards, we have gotten these oils tested in third-party labs in the USA. You can now shop for organic essential oils in bulk and wholesale from the comfort of your home and get your products delivered at your doorstep. 

If you are looking for a specific oil and are unable to find it below, simply drop us an email or WhatsApp us and we will help you source it. 

Which Are the Best Organic Essential Oils? 

While all organic essential oils are great and versatile, some are considered to be better than others for their availability and therapeutic value. Here's a list of the best organic essential oils for aromatherapy and skincare. 

  • Organic Holy Basil  Essential Oil: Extracted from the Indian variant of basil which is also known as Tulsi, organic holy basil essential oil has high spiritual value. Its medicinal aroma is great for cleansing and purifying and is great for keeping a check on seasonal flu. 
  • Organic Lemon Essential Oil: This citrusy and refreshing essential oil is like a breath of fresh air. Our organic lemon essential oil is superior in quality and potency to the natural variant. Diffuse it to brighten up any unpleasant smell in a room. Organic lemon oil can be a great addition to natural cleaners as it kills germs and microorganisms. Don't forget to exercise caution when using it around sunlight. 
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Who doesn't like the calming and floral aroma of lavender? Now you can experience a completely natural and chemical-free aromatherapy journey with our organic lavender essential oil. It is formulated with lavender flowers that are grown without any pesticides. 
  • Organic Vetiver Essential Oil: Earthy, woody and cooling - organic vetiver oil is the experience of a Jaipur Palace wrapped in a bottle. It is an elixir for the skin and a therapy for the mind. This certified essential oil is the natural masculine note you have been searching for.
  • Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil: It is extracted from lemongrass leaves that are cultivated in a completely natural environment with regenerative farming practices. Organic lemongrass oil has a refreshing aroma and is great for uplifting the mood. It is one of the most commonly used oils in luxury spas and hotels. Lemongrass is undoubtedly one of the best organic essential oils as it offers a myriad of benefits at a very low cost. 

Non-Toxic Essential Oils For A Safer Aromatherapy And Wellness Journey

In today's world of chemical-based products and empty promises, it is crucial to identify and source safe and non-toxic essential oils. Our rigorous quality measures ensure we extract organic oils only from the produce which is grown in a completely natural and chemical-free environment. Each drop is a botanical treasure that captures the finest of nature. The aroma and active compounds of organic essential oils are also far superior to conventional oils. 

Immerse yourself in a nourishing experience like no other. Quality meets affordability with our bulk and wholesale price options. We source our produce at the source which enables us to offer highly competitive prices. This creates room for you to earn more profit on your products. Join us on an aromatic journey and elevate your wellness routine with Aromachology's certified organic essential oils. You will observe unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service with every product. Hence, we can proudly say that Aromachology is one of the best brands of organic essential oils in USA, Netherlands, Canada and Australia. 

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils? 

There are many benefits of using pure organic essential oils. Some of them include: 

  • They offer a promise of superior purity. Organic essential oils are free from any chemicals or additives which means you get 100% pure plant extract in every drop
  • Using USDA certified organic essential oils for holistic healing, skincare, as well as haircare, can uplift your everyday wellness routine and help achieve physical and emotional balance.
  • Organic essential oils support sustainability and encourage farmers to use natural alternatives. This prevents contamination of soil and water. 
  • You can use these natural essential oils to make organic personal care and cleaning supplies. They are excellent natural alternatives to synthetic cleaning ingredients. You can even use these organic essential oils for DIY recipes and make your supplies at home. 

Fight seasonal cold, uplift your mood or make natural perfumes, the possibilities are endless. Bring the aroma of purity home with these certified oils and witness the healing touch of nature. We are a leading supplier of wholesale organic essential oils and are fully equipped to cater to all your aromatherapy needs. Shop online on our website or drop us a text or mail today!