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Hydrosols ( Hydrolats / Floral Waters) - 100% Pure and Natural At Unbeatable Wholesale & Bulk Prices

Pure Hydrosols have We are pleased to introduce the widest range of high grade organic hydrosols for face, hair, skin and overall wellbeing. They are also called hydrolats or floral waters and are a great therapeutic tool for various applications. 

Hydrosols (hydrolats) in bulk

Historically, many cultures across Europe, India, and Middle East have used steam distilled fragrant waters for cooking, beauty toners as well as medicinal use. 

Over years, we have seen an increase in demand for these aromatic waters which has also led to a diversity in their manufacturing and distillation. Hence, it is important for you to first understand what are hydrosols. 


What Are Hydrosols (Hydrolats)?

True Hydrosols or hydrolats are aromatic waters that are a by-product of steam distillation of essential oils. They contain water soluble molecules of the plant part along with some minor traces of essential oil. 

These botanical extracts smell similar to essential oils but are milder and less potent than them. Some might go to the extent of calling them essential oil alternatives.

Now if they are formed from the same plant as the oils, shouldn't they have the same compounds? 

Not really. 

Plants have some compounds that only dissolve in water. These compounds do not get transerred to essential oils but are obtained in hydrosols. 

This process makes them a 100% natural product and a great fit to make face mists and sprays, toners, room sprays, diffuser water, tea base, compresses flavouring and much more. 

Since hydrosols are water based, they have a comparatively shorter shelf life than oils. 

Some examples are:

  • Rose
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Juniper berry
  • Kewra
  • Ginger 
  • Sage


What Is Hydrosol Used For?

Using hydrosols or hydrolats can be quite an exciting process because of the flexibility they provide. They deliver the true essence of plants without the messiness. 

Their gentle and soft nature makes them a versatile product for everyday lifestyle, aromatherapy as well as manufacturing personal care products. 

Some of the common uses & applications include:

  • Aromatherapy Room Sprays:  Transform any space into an oasis of well-being with us one spray. Floral waters make for excellent room fresheners
  • Humidifier Use: You can hang them over radiators to make the aroma spread in the room
  • Face Toner and mists: Their soothing and calming properties make for wonderful face toners and mists. Use them as it is or add them to DIY skincare recipes, you would love them either way. Plus, they are super easy to carry around too. 
  • Perfumery: You can use organic hydrosols to make natural body mists and sprays. They will make sure you smell good and remain calm. 
  • Hair sprays: Just like face and body sprays, you can use some of the hydrolats  to deliver nature's benefits to hair too. Rosemary hydrosol can be a great addition to your hair care regime.
  • Face Wipes: You can use them to make sustainable face and body wipes.
  • Face Masks: Sheet face masks is a trend we don't need to say anything about and these distilled hydrosols can be used to manufacture the same.

Start your own skincare line or elevate your existing line by substituting distilled water with natural and organic hydrosols in the recipe. This will give your products added benefits. 


Buying Hydrosol In Bulk - Points To Keep In Mind

While buying hydrosols or hydrolates in bulk, it is important to identify the manufacturing process. There is also a growing confusion between herbal distillate and hydrosol.

Herbal distillates are produced by immersing the plant material in water. While it offers its own fair share of benefits, a true hydrolat is produced through the process of steam distillation. 

There are also some aromatic waters that are made by adding essential oil or fragrance to water. It might smell like vetiver or jasmine water but it might have nothing to do with either one of them.

You need to ensure that the label says that the product you are buying is a hydrosol and the manufacturing process used is steam distillation. Choose a bulk and wholesale supplier who has hygienically prepared the product. 

These botanical extracts are very susceptible to microbes. Hence, ask your supplier if they have added any preservatives or alcohol to increase the shelf life. 


Why Choose Aromachology For Bulk Hydrosols (Hydrolats) USA?

As a reputed supplier of all things aromatherapy and skincare in United States, we are determined to provide only highest grade hydrosols / hydrolats in bulk and wholesale prices. 

Here's why aromachology is your trusted source of bulk hydrosols:

Purity and Superior Quality

Aromachology offers only pure and steam-distilled hydrolats. These are made sustainably with the best quality raw material. Our fresh botanicals ensure you get the best of nature everytime you shop with us. 

Widest Collection

We currently offer more than 40 hydrolats and we are are constantly growing this list. 

Wholesale and Bulk Prices

When you shop from us you get the best wholesale and bulk deals without the hassle of large orders. Yes, now you can avail bulk discounts on order quantities as low as 250 ml. 

Whether you are a small business, a DIY enthusiast, or an established company, our team is equipped to work with all your diverse needs. We are flexible to work with and try to constantly evolve ourselves with the needs of our users. 


Explore Our Bulk Hydrosol Categories 

Floral Hydrosol 

They are soft and will remind you of spring. A great choice to make skincare more luxurious or to craft perfumes and mists for that perfect summery vibe. 

Fruity Hydrosol 

Explore our range of sweet and fruity hydrolats that can instantly push your blues away. Get ready to feel cheery and flirty with these natural floral waters. 

Citrusy Hydrosols 

Fill your life with energy with our citrus hydrolats. Fresh, zesty and invigorating, they are the perfect ingredient for happiness. 

Herbal Hydrosols

These are your shortcut to wellness. Unlock the power of wellbeing with our herbal hydrolts.



What is hydrosol vs essential oil?

Both hydrosol and essential oil are a product of the steam distillation of plant parts like flowers, leaves, twigs, gum, roots etc. The main difference between the two is hydrosol is made of water-soluble compounds and is milder whereas essential oil compounds are not water-soluble and they are a more potent and concentrated form of plant extract. 

Do hydrosols really work?

Yes, hydrosols are great for skin and over all wellbeing. Since they are natural botanical extracts, they contain effective plant molecules. Many cultural texts talk about using water based products for skin. Since they are ph balanced fluids, they work well with your biomes and skin.

Which hydrosol is most hydrating?

Rose, Jasmine, Kewra, Lavender, Chamomile, Cucumber are some of the most hydrating hydrosols. 

Which hydrosol is best for skin?

Neroli, Cucumber, Rose, Kewra, Tea tree and witch hazel are all great for the skin. They are gentle and soothing for the skin and do not irritate it. They are perfect to maintain the ph balance of the skin and adding a lovely glow. 

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