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Soap Fragrance Oils

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Soap Fragrance Oils

Aromachology brings you soap fragrance oils in bulk at wholesale prices for making exceptionally fragrant and aromatic soaps. Our wide range of ready-to-ship fragrance oils for soap making online is an excellent way to add pleasant aromas to your products. We worked with various perfumers in the royal city of Jaipur to curate a wholistic range of aroma oils for hot and cold process soap making.

Whether you are looking for a clean, crisp, and energizing aroma or for a floral, soft, relaxing aroma, we assure you to find it all. 

We've got sweet. spicy, fresh, relaxing, uplifting, and even sensual soap fragrance oils for you to craft the soaps of your dreams. 

Some of our bestselling aroma oils for soaps include:


Why Should You Use Aromachology's Fragrance Oils For Soaps?

The simplest answer is the strong aroma. Traditionally most soap makers would prefer using essential oils for soap making. Unfortunately, the soap-making environment can be quite a challenge for natural essential oils, especially in cold process soaps.

Why? Well, essential oils are absolutely natural and their aroma comes from the naturally occurring compounds in the plants. These delicate aromas, though are a clean ingredient, can often be hampered in the hot and cold process of soap making. 

Hence if you want your products to have long-lasting aromas, you should switch to soap fragrance oils. Our aroma oils for soap making have additives that hold onto the scent even in harsh environments. Thus giving your soap aromas that users would swear by. 

When adding aroma oils to soap, it is important to use them in the right proportions. This ensures the soap smells good and doesn't become overpowering. The oils can be added at different stages of the crafting process. 

This mostly depends on the recipe and the desired fragrance strength.

fragrance oil for soap making in bulk


Bulk Fragrance Oils For Soaps At Wholesale Prices - Top Soap Fragrance Supplier

Aromachology's bulk fragrance oil for soap making is offered at wholesale prices with a very low (MOQ) Minimum Order Quantity. This means you can try out a variety of scents for soaps without creating a hole in your pocket. We ship all the soap-making oils within 2-7 working days as we are stockists and have ready stock of soap oils with us. 

Along with fast delivery, we also offer multiple shipping options to suit your budget for soap making supplies. All our soap fragrance oils come in good quality packaging, ensuring your product doesn't get tampered with during shipping and you get nothing less than excellent quality. Our bulk aroma oil for soap making is just what you need to elevate your business and take it to new heights.

All these important points make us one of the best soap fragrance oil supplier in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, France and South Korea

So what are you waiting for, order online today and experience the magic of superior quality with aromachology oils. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


Which fragrance oil is best for soap making?

If you want to stick to the classic scents, then options like rose, jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood are the best fragrance oil for soap making. However, if you want to get a little more creative you can go for off-beat fragrance oils like clove, helichrysum, and saffron.

Make sure to check that the selected oils are suitable for hot and cold process soap makig.

Aromachology's aroma oils for soaps, bath bombs, body lotions, shower gels etc are one of the best options out there. They are affordable and of good quality. 


How long do soap fragrance oils last?

In my experience, most manufacturers publish that the fragrance oils last for around 3-5 years given that you have stored them in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Otherwise, you will notice that they will start losing the aroma in 9-10 months itself. 


How much fragrance per 100g of soap?

For 100g of soap, you can use 2-5g of aroma oil. 


Which is the best place to buy fragrance oils for soaps?

Aromachology is one of the best places to buy fragrance oils for soaps. We don't want to brag, but we work hard to give the best quality and yeah, we're pretty good at what we do. Try us to experience the aromachology magic today and craft with our soap aroma oil in bulk and wholesale at best prices. 


Can you put fragrance oil in soap?

Yes, you can definitely put fragrance oil in soap given that the chosen oil is suitable for soap making. Rather, high grade aroma oils are a great way to elevate your soap making experience because they add a magic touch of aromatherapy. Make sure you check the intended usage of the fragrance oil before purchasing it and ensure that they are safe to be used on the skin as well. 


What are good scent combinations for soap?

Great question! Some of the most popularly considered good sent combinations for soap include

  • Rose and Cardamom
  • Sandalwood and patchouli
  • Ylang ylang and jasmine
  • Lavender and vanilla
  • Vetiver and Agarwood
  • Oatmeal milk honey