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Pink Lotus Absolute


Pink Lotus Absolute Overview 

Pink lotus absolute is a potent oil extracted from the petals of the Nelumbo Nucifera plant found in Asia, mostly India. It is a highly prestigious ingredient in the perfumery world for two reasons. One, it is usually a challenge to extract oil from this delicate plant, and two, because it adds a unique floral aroma. 

The fragrance is sweet, aquatic, floral and comforting. It is mostly used as a top note. Along with a beautiful aroma, pink Lotus Absolute also has therapeutic and spiritual benefits. It is used as a go-to oil for meditation practice as it helps achieve inner peace and deepens the connect with yourself. 

In many cultures, it is believed to be a symbol of purity and wellbeing. Spiritually, lotus absolute oil supposedly attracts wealth and prosperity. 


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Nelumbo Nucifera

Plant Family: Nelumbonaceae

Country of origin: India

Extracted from: Flowers

Colour and appearance: Yellow to red

Aroma: Floral, sweet, aquatic

Oil type: Absolute Oil