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Ginger Root Essential Oil


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Our Fresh Ginger Root essential oil has a vibrant, potent, and delicious scent because it is created from freshly collected ginger rhizomes rather than dried ones. When it comes to personal care, cosmetics, and skin care applications, ginger essential oils are excellent options because distilled (essential) oils of ginger are considered softer than highly concentrated and pungent CO2 extracts. From roughly 150 kg of fresh rhizomes, about 1 kg of essential oil is extracted. Fresh ginger has an effervescent character that will definitely impress natural perfumers.

Utilise Ginger Root Essential Oil to ground and uplift. Produced from the roots of the Zingiber officinale plant, commonly referred to as ginger, this medium-strength essential oil has a woody, sweet, earthy, and warming scent. It is extremely viscous. 

Botanical Name Zingiber officinale
INCI Name Zingiber Officinalis (Ginger) Root Oil
Suggested Uses Aromatherapy, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Soapmaking, Candle Crafting
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Product Type Natural Essential Oil
Country of Origin India
Cultivation Natural
Plant Part Rhizome
Note Middle
Aroma Family Earthy, spicy, strong
Aroma Profile  Warm, fresh, somewhat pungent,
with a sweet, spicy-woody, tenacious undertone.
Colour & Appearance Pale to deep yellow liquid
Other Names Adrak Oil 
Blends Well With Clove essential oil, Boronia oil, 
Elemi oil, Nutmeg essential oil, Cinnamon bark oil, Labdanum essential oil, Mimosa absolute, Rose absolute, Anise oil

Ginger Root Essential Oil Benefits

Among the many benefits of ginger essential oil are improved memory and focus, as well as a middle-base aroma note that eases weariness, agitation, and anxiety. You can either inhale this essential oil straight when needed, or use it in a diffuser to create a fresh, homely vibe throughout your space.

Ginger has been used for many years in conventional medicine and home cures. It helps with digestion, improves circulation, and lowers inflammation. Applying ginger essential oil could help you adjust to change and offer comparable advantages. 

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