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Cinnamon Hydrosol


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Cinnamon Hydrosol (Hydrolat / Floral Water) - Benefits and Uses 

Looking for aromatic water that reminds you of fall? Introducing our steam-distilled cinnamon hydrosol or hydrolat in bulk and wholesale. 

It is the definitive solution to wellness and a spice filled treasure.  

This pure floral water is prepared from the bark of the finest Cinnamomum Verum from India and Sri Lanka. The tree is evergreen and grows up to 20-30 feet. Did you know that a lot of countries like Portugal, UK have fought over Sri Lanka for its cinnamon? 

You can use it for aromatherapy, skin care and other therapeutic uses. Now buy this incredible product in USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. 

Aroma and scent

Cinnamon hydrosol has a warm, spicy, sweet and an invigorating aroma. It has a comforting and alluring scent that will remind you of cozying up by the couch in autumnn


Why Choose Aromachology's Cinnamon Hydrosol (Hydrolat)?

Our pure floral water is prepared from only the best quality raw material and is meticulously tested for quality. 

It is more gentle compared to cinnamon essential oil and has the water soluble molecules of Cinnamomum Verum. 

We offer multiple packaging sizes for your convenience. 

You will experience a variety of benefits with this aromatic water and you can use it for a large no. of applications. 

When you shop for us, you get the benefit of buying superior quality products at very affordable and competitive prices. 


Cinnamon Hydrosol Benefits

  • Analgesic
  • Fights bacterial and viral infections
  • Helps with intestinal infections
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduces acne
  • Milder compared to its essential oil hence safer to use 
  • Relieves fever


    Cinnamon Hydrosol (Hydrolat) Uses

    You can use this pure floral water in a variety of ways like

    • Room sprays
    • Spa and massages
    • Body mists
    • Face toner
    • Face mists
    • DIY recipes
    • Cosmetics and skincare 
    • Personal care products
    • Natural fragrances
    • Face masks


    Packaging Options

    You can buy this hydrolat in bulk at wholesale prices in packaging of 250 ml, 1000 ml and 5000 ml directly from our website. If you want to buy a custom quantity, feel free to drop us a message and our team will help you. We are always ready to support all your business needs. 



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