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Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil


Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil

If you desire to be by the sea on most days, then our Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil is for you. It is inspired by the signature aroma of The Ritz Carlton®. 

Experience being transported to the beach, as you witness the fresh oceanic winds on your face. 

This mesmerising oceanic mist fragrance oil is going to remind you of standing on the shore, watching the waves crash onto the sand, and feeling the cool mist of the ocean spray on your face.

The scent brings a sense of peace and tranquillity, and you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and centred. The experiential fragrance captures the essence of the ocean in a bottle, allowing you to escape to the beach even when you were miles away.

Whether you want to make candles, soaps or diffuser oil, Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil is perfect for creating a fresh uplifting aroma. 


Scent Profile 

It is airy, light and uplifting. A refreshing aroma like that of feeling fresh wind. 


Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Marine

Base Notes: Amber, Musk


How to use Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil?

Aromachology's oceanic mist fragrance oil is not a pure essential oil. It is an aromatic oil that is made with fixative to make the fragrance last longer. It is suitable for making candles, home care products, perfumery, diffuser oils and much more. This fragrance oil is meant for the external purposes only and should not be ingested in any scenario. 

1. Candle Making

Our Oceanic Mist Aroma Oil is an excellent choice for making mesmerising candles. This fragrance has been inspired by the signature aroma of the Ritz Carlton hotels and the aroma would remind of ultimate luxury. 

2. Diffuser Oil

It is ideal to be used as a diffuser oil.  Add a few drops of the fragrance oil to an oil diffuser with water, and let it diffuse into the air for an aromatic effect

3. Perfumery

Handmade perfumes can be enhanced with oceanic mist fragrance oils, with a recommended maximum dilution of 4.63% for cologne intended to be applied on freshly shaved skin, including Eau de Toilettes and fine fragrances.

For those looking to use Oceanic Mist Fragrance oil in deodorant or antiperspirant products, it's important to note that the maximum dilution is 0.8%. This applies to both roll-on and body spray products, ensuring that the scent is appropriately balanced and not overwhelming.

4. Room Spray

It is a great product to make your own room spray. Simply mix the fragrance oil with water in a spray bottle and use it as a room spray to freshen up your home. Bring ocean right in your living room with a refreshing aroma. 


Safety Guidelines

Oceanic mist is a fragrance oil and not an essential oil hence it has fixatives added to it. This should be kept away from the direct reach of children and should be checked with a medical practitioner before using it around pregnant women. 

Proper IFRA guidelines need to be followed for dilution. Consult a doctor before using if you are suffering from any illness. Oils and other such ingredients are combustible so use them safely. This is not a natural product and contains synthetics so do not engage in excessive usage. Use it for the intended purpose only and do not swallow or ingest it in any scenario.