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Bakuchi Oil


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Bakuchi Oil: Cold-pressed, Natural and Pure

Today I am going to talk about one of my favourite oils for skincare - Bakuchi Oil cold pressed

A lot of you might also know it by the name babchi oil, bakuchiol oil or Psoralea corylifolia oil. So don't get confused, they are all the different names for the same product. Just a heads up, I might refer to it by any of these different names in this post as well

It is a plant derived, cold-pressed oil that is perfect for skincare, aromatherapy and many other uses - which I will get to in detail later in this post, so stay tuned. 

I am also going to talk about benefits, blends, history, extraction and applications of pure cold pressed bakuchi oil. 

Let's start with the basics. 


What is Bakuchi Oil?

Bakuchi Oil is a cold pressed plant extract from the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia and is often considered a vegan alternative to retinol. Unlike a lot of other oils, it is not photosensitive, which means you can use it in the day time too. 

The plant is native to India and has been historically used for various medicinal purposes. 

But more recently it has gained a whole new level of popularity.


Well, most importantly because it is a superfood for the skin. And no, not like all that faff that skincare companies talk about but actual dermatologist approved significance. 

There have not been very extensive studies and clinical trials to establish the efficacy of bakuchi oil, most famous skincare manufacturers have started incorporating it in their formulations. 

History and Cultivation 

While you might have heard of babchi oil now but Indians and Chinese people have been using it since immemorial times. So much so that it is a highly popular ingredient in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

Even when modern science was not developed, the people in these regions were using it to deal with skin conditions like pigmentation, psoriasis and even vitiligo. 

Psoralea corylifolia mostly grows well in warm seasons (no wonder it grows so easily in India) and it survives well even with less watering. 

It is quite an easy to maintain plant which requires abundant sunlight, little water and a lot of love. 

If you are were wondering what is a vegan, plant based alternative to retinol then babchi oil is your answer. 


A good quality and pure bakuchi oil has a deep brownish colour and soluble in oil. 


what is cold pressed bakuchi oil wholesale

Bakuchi Oil Benefits (For Wholesale Purpose)

You must be wondering what is all this hype around bakuchi oil about? Why is getting so popular? 

Why are so many celebs ditching their facial serums and gravitating towards incorporating bakuchiol oil in their skincare regime? 

Skincare Benefits

One key benefit is that it reduces pigmentation

How does it do that?

It has a naturally occurring active compound known as bakuchiol which stops the melanin synthesis in the body by limiting the production of tyrosinase. 

And the result? 

Glowing skin with a significant reduction in uneven tone and dark spots. 

Want another reason try bakuchi oil? The latest Louis Vuitton international ambassador, Deepika Padukone, herself believes in its magic that she launched a bakuchi oil based skincare product. 

Let's not forget how powerful an antioxidant it is! 

Protection from UV rays

Some very preliminary studies and observations also point out the UV protection benefits of babchi oil. It might create a thin layer on skin resulting in mid protection from UV rays. 

Haircare benefits of bakuchi oil cold pressed

In some cases, cold pressed oil of bakuchi seeds have shown positive results in hair growth. 

If you are dealing with hair fall or dry scalp, then try giving a massage using this wonder ingredient. You will keep coming back for more. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on bakuchi oil for hair. 


benefits and uses


How to Use Bakuchi Oil?

It's actually quite simple to incorporate it in your skin and hair care routine. 

Let me unlock the best ways to use it in a simple step by step way. 

For Skin

  • Patch test the oil on your elbow and let it remain for a few hours. If you do not see signs of allergy or any other abnormality then go ahead. 
  • Clean your face and use a few drops to massage in an upward motion. You can even mix a few drops with your existing moisturizer.
  • Use wholesale bakuchi oil for making soaps, lotions, massage oils and for any other cosmetic or skincare making. 
  • You can even formulate sunscreens by harnessing its UV protection properties. 

For Hair Care

  • Begin by cleaning your scalp and hair with your regular shampoo. 
  • Towel dry and wait till the scalp and hair, both are completely dry. I recommend avoiding the hair dryer unless you absolutely need to. 
  • Add a few drop of it to a good quality carrier oils like coconut oil and start massaging your scalp. Don't forget the locks as well. 
  • Let it rest for at least an hour. Meanwhile, diffuse some of our pure essential oils like sage, sweet basil, lavender and enjoy. 
  • Wash it off with your regular shampoo. 
  • You can even formulate hair strengthening blends using other oils like rosemary

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

It is widely being used in processing and manufacturing of a lot of Pharma goods these days. While ancient medicine understood its benefits, I am glad to see that modern medicine is also now extensively using it for its numerous benefits. 

Safety Guidelines and Precautions

Like any other natural product, it is important to follow some basic safety guidelines to use it without any hassles. No. 1 being about pregnant and nursing women. While it is a comparatively safe product, we strongly advise you to check with your healthcare provider before incorporating a new product in your routine. 

It is not intended to be ingested and should be used for topical applications.

Store it away from children and even pets. 

Always do a patch test before using it extensively. 

Side Effects

This is more less a safe cold pressed organic oil and is not known to show any significant side effects. However, we recommend using it under medical supervision. 



bakuchi oil infographic explaining origin, aroma, benefits and uses of babchi/bakuchiol oil


Market Growth & Wholesale Suppliers

As per data Intelo, the market is expected to grow at 6.5% from 2022 to 2028. This is mostly due to the extensive usage in the skincare, cosmetics, haircare and Pharma industry. 

Now that you have discovered so much about this magic ingredient, you must be wondering where can I source pure babchi oil in bulk at wholesale price and save money...


When it comes to supplying wholesale organic bakuchi oil in bulk, Aromachology wants to offer the utmost comfort and flexibility. That is why we have introduced three married packaging sizes in terms of 250ml, 1000ml and 5000ml. 

Having said that, we do not want our customers to limit to these specifications only. That is why we provide the option of a custom size as well. 

If you want to order a size which is not listed on our website, simply drop an email and our team will help you out. 

Buy Cold pressed Bakuchi Oil in Bulk at Wholesale Price in USA

Yours truly, Aromachology oils is a leading supplier of vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced and organic bakuchi oil. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is babchi oil good for skin?

Yes, babchi essential oil is very good for skin and rather it is like a superfood for skin. From reducing pigmentation to handling wrinkles, it works wonders for most skin types and hence is so hyped in the skincare and cosmetic industry today. 


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