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Genet (Broom) Absolute


Genet (Broom) Absolute Oil For Natural Perfumery & Cosmetics

Experience the finest of nature with our natural and pure Genet (Broom) Absolute Oil. It captures the true essence of the enticing flowers, typical of Tuscany region. If you ask me to pick one fragrance that I hold close to my heart, it is this! Add this pure genet absolute wholesale in your aromatic treasures and see how it winds your heart in no time. 

Genet absolute oil is a solvent-extracted, waxy liquid that is very high in potency. Derived from the flowers of spartium junceum plant, it is golden brown in colour with honey-like consistency (that doesn't mean you can eat it). My fellow perfumers here would be happy to know that it can be dissolved in alcohol. 

The applications and usage include aromatherapy, natural perfumery, cosmetic and skincare manufacturing etc. When you buy from aromachology, you buy excellence and purity in every drop. Our pure genet floral absolute goes through strict screening for quality and excellence, thus ensuring you get nothing less than the best. 

Buy pure and natural best genet (broom) absolute in bulk at wholesale price and other bulk absolute oils from aromacholoy and save money. 

 It is a matter of utmost pride for us to bring to you broom absolute that signified the utmost quality in the aroma world. 

Genet (Broom) Absolute Details

Botanical Name:

Spartium junceum


The plant is a flowering shrub and is mostly found in the European region. 

Plant Family:



Base to Middle note


Genet absolute oil has a scent that is very typical of the genet or broom flowers. It is floral, honeyish, soft and sweet. 


Golden brown



Blends well with:

Cardamom, Clary Sage, Elemi, Boronia, Cocoa, Turmeric, marjoram, ginger, palmarosaVetiver

Usage instructions / Precautions:

All absolute oils are potent plant extracts; hence, diluting them before using them directly on skin is extremely critical. It is not recommended to take the product orally.