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Osmanthus Absolute


Osmanthus Absolute Overview  


Osmanthus absolute is a highly concentrated oil extracted from the flowers of Osmanthus Fragrans. It is famous for its sweet and fruity aroma with some floral undertones. The fragrance is similar to that of apricots or blooming blossoms. It is also commonly called as sweet osmanthus or tea olive and is mostly grown in Eastern parts of Asian continent.

Our osmanthus absolute is obtained carefully with absolute precision. Only the finest raw material is used to create this pure and potent oil.  It is used in perfumery as well as aromatherapy. Many aromatherapists believe that it helps create feelings of joy and tranquility. When it comes to perfumery, it is used to add warmth, sweetness as well as love. You will find it to be mostly being used as the base note. 

Along with an excellent aroma, osmanthus absolute is also believed to have fixative properties, which means it helps increase the shelf life of the perfume. 


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Osmanthus Fragrans

Plant Family: Oleaceae

Country of origin: China

Extracted from: Flowers

Colour and appearance: Light yellow to brown

Aroma: Floral, sweet, apricot-like

Oil type: Absolute Oil