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Angelica Root Absolute


Angelica Root Absolute For Natural Perfumery & Cosmetics

Introducing 100% pure angelica root absolute oil which is an excellent choice for natural perfumery, cosmetics and aromatherapy. Pure angelica absolute is a yellowish orange liquid that is extracted from the Angelica Archangelica plant grown in India. Don't confuse it with angelica seed oil as this oil is extracted from the roots and not the seeds. However, it is interesting to note that almost all parts of angelica plant are aromatic in nature. 

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Angelica Root Absolute Details

Botanical Name:

Angelica Archangelica


The plant that angelica root absolute is derived from is primarily a tall herb that has large flower heads. The cluster of flowers has white coloured small flowers. 

Plant Family:



Middle note


Angelica root absolute oil has an aroma that is both alluring and enticing. It earthy and spicy at the same time. The smell can sometimes even be herbaceous and musky and is a great option to craft musky fragrances.

Colour and Appearance:

Light Yellow to Deep Orange



Blends well with:

Cardamom, Clary Sage, Elemi, Boronia, Cocoa, Turmeric, marjoram, ginger, palmarosa, Yarrow

Usage instructions / Precautions:

All absolute oils are potent plant extracts; hence, diluting them before using them directly on skin is extremely critical. It is not recommended to take the product orally. It is also photosensitive