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Caraway Essential Oil


Caraway Essential Oil: Natural & Pure For Wholesale Purpose

Caraway essential oil is nature's gift to (wo)mankind to keep all digestive troubles away. When it comes to spice oils, I always recommend having caraway in your aromatherapy kit. 

Is last night's dinner troubling your stomach? Feeling constantly bloated? 

This pure essential oil can be your saviour. 

Caraway essential oil is a steam distilled oil from the seeds of Carum carvi and is widely used in aromatherapy, cooking, digestive aid, pharmaceutical and homeopathy formulations.

In a lot of regions across the globe it is also referred to by Jeera Oil. You should not be surprised if you found it as an ingredient on cosmetic labels too. 


What is Caraway essential oil used for


What Is Caraway Essential Oil Used For?

Digestive Support

In the long list of uses I can list down for Caraway oil, I would first highlight digestive support and gastrointestinal conditions. 

A lot of people swear by it for abdominal spasms as well. 

While I do not recommend ingesting essential oils, there are safer ways to harness the benefits. Cooking with them is considered a safer option. 

Calms The Mind - Aromatherapy

It helpful in calming the mind and preventing bacterial buildup. 

I am listing below some of the more prominent uses and benefits of bulk and wholesale caraway essential oil.


What does Caraway Essential Oil Smell Like?

It has a fresh, herbaceous, somewhat minty and prominently spicy aroma. It smells like walking in a spice market in Turkey where hundreds and thousand of spices are out on the roads and their collective aroma stitches an aromatic symphony. 

The nature of the scent is warm and I would recommend diffusing it when the weather in cooler. 


Details For Caraway Essential Oil For Wholesale & Bulk Buy USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands

Country of Origin

India / Egypt

Extraction Method


Botanical Name

Carum carvi

Plant Family

Apiaceae / Umbelliferae

Blends Well With

Angelica, Carrot Seed, Dill, Fennel, Marjoram, Palmarosa, Clary Sage, Cardamom

Colour & Appearance

Colourless to pale yellow liquid that darkens with age

Other Properties

It is a naturally vegan, cruelty free product and free from any additives, chemicals and synthetic substances.