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Angelica Essential Oil


Angelica Essential Oil: 100% Pure, Undiluted and Natural

We are delighted to introduce our high-grade pure white angelica essential oil in bulk at wholesale prices for everyone. Accessing pure essential oils like that of angelica root has never been easier. What is even better is now you can buy it at factory price from the comfort of your home. 

White Angelica essential oil is an undiluted and steam-distilled extract from the roots of Angelica Archangelica. It offers a wide range of health benefits, from relaxing the environment to soothing and calming the mind- a perfect elixir for wellbeing. 

What is important for you to note here is that you should not confuse it with angelica seed oil. While they are both obtained from the same plant, they vary in therapeutic benefits and aroma. 

Our soothing oil is cruelty-free, ethically sourced, certified, export quality and free from any synthetic fragrance and chemicals. 

Botanical Name

Angelica Archangelica

Plant Family

Apiaceae which is also known as Umbelliferae. It mostly grows in shrubs and clusters with big and white flowering heads. 

Extraction Part And Process

Roots of the shrub through the process of steam distillation


Angelica essential oil smells like a day in spa. The fragrance and scent is herbaceous, musky, woody and sometimes spicy. You can also smell the typical notes of roots in it. 

Blends Well With

You can create a great no. of blends using any of the expert approved list I have shared below. 10 best essential oils that white angelica oil blends well with

  1. Vetiver
  2. Ginger
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Geranium
  5. Marjoram
  6. Turmeric
  7. Blue Yarrow
  8. Juniper Berry
  9. Lemon
  10. Cypress
white angelica root essential oil blends well with oils like turmeric, geranium


Angelica Essential Oil Benefits 

Angelica essential oil is renowned for its soothing and strengthening effects on both physical and mental health.

It includes anchoring qualities that provide a sense of balance while restoring strength and vitality. Plus, this amazing oil has excellent therapeutic benefits when stored in an airtight bottle.

Angelica essential oil helps with anxiety and depression, boosts energy levels, reduces inflammation, and can help with skin issues like eczema or psoriasis.

Its calming effect makes it great for relieving stress and promoting restful sleep. This oil also has antifungal properties which makes it effective against Candida albicans overgrowth, one of the most common causes of fungal infections. 


Therapeutic Grade Angelica Root Essential Oil Uses For Wholesale Purposes

  • Treat cough and sinus
  • Ease arthritis pain
  • Used as white angelica diffuser oil to induce calm and peace in the environment
  • Fortifying and strengthening purpose
  • Candle and soap making
  • Reduce symptoms of viral infection
  • Pharma and Homeopathy manufacturing
  • Spa and massage oil
  • Skincare and cosmetic purpose


Packaging and Safety Guidelines

We offer it in sizes of 250ml, 1000ml and 5000ml online. However we are flexible to work with any sizes that you want. Just drop us an email or WhatsApp us and our team will work with you to get all your angelica essential oil needs met. 

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This product has photosensitization potential so we would recommend you to avoid direct exposure to sunlight after usage. Pregnant and lactating women should also avoid it. 


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Product details of wholesale angelica root oil

Botanical Name Angelica archangelica
Color Light yellow to orange brown
Odor Peppery, woody, earthy
Blends well with Vetiver, Cedarwood, Sandalwood
Origin India
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Root