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Bay Leaf Essential Oil


Bay Leaf Essential Oil For Skin, Aromatherapy, Candle and Soap Making

Today, I am going to talk about the benefits, uses and recipes of bay leaf essential oil for skin, aromatherapy, hair, diffusers, perfumery, candle and soap making. We are going to cover

  • What is bay leaf essential oil?
  • What are its benefits and uses?
  • How to use pure bay leaf oil along with simple recipes?
  • Safety guidelines and precautionary measures
  • Find bay leaf essential oil wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers

So let's get to it!


What Is Bay Leaf Essential Oil?

Bay leaf essential oil or bay oil is a steam distilled essence of Pimenta racemosa leaves. It has a distinct spicy aroma and is primarily used for adding an exotic flavour to food items. 

The plant is also an aromatic one and leaves are widely used in Indian and Mediterranean cuisine for flavour and aroma. You will notice the plant growing up to 5-10 meters in height when found in the appropriate habitat. 

The bay leaves found in India are usually more aromatic than the ones found in other regions and hence better for producing essential oil. The plant is usually evergreen and if you live in the vicinity you will also get to experience white flowers and black berries.

If you look at the leaves closely, you will notice that they are deep green in colour with a leathery texture. The leaves are usually not so thick, long and pointed. 



Organic & Pure Bay Leaf Oil Details

Botanical Name: Pimenta racemosa

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Plant Family: Myrtaceae

Colour and Appearance: Light yellow coloured to deep green or even sometimes yellow coloured liquid

Origin: India

Aroma and Smell Details

Bay leaf oil has a spicy yet sweet, almost clove like aroma and a smell that will remind you of savoury Indian cuisine. 

Blends Well With

Refer to the list of pure essential oils below to understand which essential oils bay leaf oil blends well with. 

You can also use this list to experiment and make bay leaf diffuser oil and other blend recipes. 



Bay Leaf Essential Oil Benefits

This pure and natural essential oil will offer a wide range of benefits for your health and over wellbeing. You will find it being used not just for flavour in food but for its therapeutic benefits too. 

I have listed below some of those therapeutic and health benefits for your reference. 

Analgesic and reduces muscle pain

Expert aromatherapist Valerie talks highly about the pain-reducing properties of bay leaf oil and recommends using it for joint and muscle pain relief. 

Improves loss of appetite

While I believe there is a lack of concrete evidence, some believe that it can help open up the diet and improve the loss of appetite

Aromatherapy benefits

When it comes to aromatherapy, the unique aroma of bay leaf oil will help you in leaving stress and anxiety behind. The unique pleasant aroma will calm your mind and will put you at ease. 

Bay Leaf Oil For Hair

If you are facing dandruff and itchy scalp then bay leaf oil can be an excellent remedy to make your life better. You can add it to your head massage oil or to any good carrier oil suitable for hair and scalp like coconut, and massage it to get optimum results. 

Don't forget to do a patch test before you use it for hair and scalp extensively. 


Bay Leaf Essence

Pure Bay Leaf Essence is quite flavourful but subtle at the same time. It is used for cooking and pharma manufacturing for various ailments. This is a pure, undiluted and certified essence of bay leaf. 


How to Use Bay Leaf Essential Oil?

 I have written below, if not exhaustive, then a cumulative list of uses of wholesale bay leaf essential oil. 

  • Aromatherapy and massage oil
  • Diffuser oil and blend recipes
  • Pharma and homoeopathy manufacturing
  • Arthritis relief massage oil
  • Bronchial infection
  • Relieving digestive problems
  • Soap making and formulation of other personal care products
  • Make natural insect repellent



Precautions and Safety Guidelines

It is a 100% natural product but even natural extracts might cause sensitivity to some people, hence we recommend performing a patch test before extensive usage. Prolonged usage might also cause irritation so avoid doing that. Avoid usage during pregnancy and breast feeding. Follow proper dilution guidelines to get the most out of it. 


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