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Blackberry Seed Oil


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About Blackberry Seed Oil 

For those looking to add a pop of natural power and balance to their aromatherapy practice, Virgin Organic Blackberry Seed Oil is an excellent choice. It is a a potent oil with a vast history of use, cultivation, and benefits. 

Let me first explain blackberry essential oil in simple words. It is an aromatic and nourishing oil derived from Rubus fruticosus L. You will find it to be loaded with antioxidants and suitable nutrients for your skin, hair and overall wellbeing. 

Don't be surprised to find some essential fatty acids also in it, that is what makes it so nourishing anyway. 

Oil Profile

Botanical Name: Rubus fruticosus L

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Extraction Process: Cold pressed

Colour and Appearance: Dark green to light green, sometimes yellow coloured liquid

Plant part used for extraction: Seeds

Shelf Life: 4 years, depending on storage

Composition: 100% pure and undiluted blackberry seed oil

Origin: India

Blackberry essential oil profile


History of blackberry seed oil

Derived from climbing brambles, the history of Blackberry Oil goes back centuries — its use as medicinal and edible herbs has been documented in records ranging from ancient Greece to Medieval England.

Originating in Europe before eventually becoming introduced to the United States, blackberries have been treasured for their fruits’ sweet and tart flavor as well as their incredible medical properties.

Botanists stayed particularly interested in this remarkable fruit thanks to its diverse constituents and deep history of use across multiple cultures. By harvesting the seeds of blackberries, a powerful essential oil is produced that holds many of the same beneficial properties that made them so tied throughout generations. 


benefits and uses of organic virgin blackberry essential oil


Benefits and Uses of Organic Blackberry Seed Oil

Blackberry Oil brings 5 major advantages:

  1. it is anti-inflammatory,
  2. anti-bacterial,
  3. antioxidant-rich,
  4. vitamin C and K rich,
  5. and helps boost collagen production.

Whether used in skin care products or diffused in the air, this gentle but powerful oil can be used to revive relaxation and treat skin ailments with minimal to no side effects. Aromatic therapy practitioners are sure to love its subtle fruit aroma that is gentle yet uplifting!


Protecting skin against pollutants

 Blackberry Seed Essential Oil is loaded with antioxidants that protect skin from damage caused by stress or pollution.


New exciting and trending ingredient in skincare

It can also help improve skin tone to give you a more radiant complexion, making it an attractive skincare additive for cosmetic manufacturers looking for new and exciting additions to their product line up!

Not only does it promote healthy-looking skin, but its antibacterial properties make it excellent for improving hair health and reducing scalp irritation.

Aromatherapists will love discovering Blackberry Seed Essential Oil’s unique versatility paired with its amazing protective properties.

You may use it to formulate or manufacture:

  • Facial Serums
  • Massage Oils
  • Hair treatments
  • DIY recipes


Watch this video: Blackberry Seed Oil Health Benefits [For Wholesale Purpose] (01 min 40 secs)


Key Components of blackberry oil

  • Omega fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin K
  • Polyphenols



We can provide you virgin organic blackberry seed oil in packagings of quantity starting from 250 ml upto 5000 ml. If you are looking for a bigger size, just drop us an email or Whatsapp and our team will be more than happy to help out with bulk and wholesale quantities. 


Blackberry Seed Oil | Blackberry Essential Oil Manufacturer, Bulk Supplier USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Germany

No need for DIY recipes when choosing Blackberry Seed Essential Oil! Those looking for certified organic varieties can take advantage of our wholesale deals. Our oil comes from blackberries harvested entirely in Europe under best practices like wild picking with respect for sustainability — guaranteeing every drop of oil sold contains minimal risk for allergies. Get your hands on the perennial favorite of home remedy practitioners and cosmetic manufacturers today! 

Aromachology only offers premium quality blackberry oil, it has no additives, artificial aroma, checicals, just pure steam distilled oil from blackberry seeds, making it ideal for daily usage. Its pure and natural property lets you make the most of its benefit. 

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