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Hazelnut Oil


Hazelnut Oil - 100% Pure, Natural and Undiluted

Hazelnut oil is a unique and sought-after beauty treasure. It has both culinary and cosmetic applications, making it extremely versatile. Its soothing qualities make hazelnut oil a great addition to skincare products, soaps, massage oils, and other bodycare items. 

Hazelnut oil itself is extracted through cold-pressing of the nuts. It has fantastic properties that make it perfect for cooking applications such as sautés or roasting recipes but can go beyond just food with its uses in skincare remedies!


How did Hazelnuts become so popular- a brief history

Hazelnuts are native to Northern Europe, Western Asia, and North America where they were commonly found in the forests.

The trees can reach heights of up to 25 feet tall and bear cob-like fruits clustered together. These nuts are known for their earthy flavor and many health benefits that come from their high concentration of vitamins E & B.

Hazelnuts first harvested centuries ago were believed to have magical powers, such as bringing luck or protecting against ‘evil eye’ curses.

They contain healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants making them nutrient-dense snacks full of health benefits. 

Benefits and Uses of Hazelnut Oil - A Natural Wonder

Slows down ageing

When used as skincare, hazelnut oil works by providing deep hydration with its rich fatty acids plus adding antioxidants to slow down the aging process of skin cells.

Helps soothe skin

This natural remedy also helps soothe certain skin irritations like eczema because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Serves as a barrier against pollution and other hazards

Other benefits include protection against environmental damage while balancing the complexion’s pH level as well as unclogging pores from dirt buildup or excessive oils.

Hazelnut oil for soap making 

  • Hazelnut oil can also be used in handmade soap recipes for its healthy fatty acid content that acts as a cleansing agent; its pale color blends easily with other light nature shades for customizing your creations. 
  • This luxurious oil packs a powerful punch when added to many DIY and skincare products.
  • With its rich, nutty flavor and versatility to add nuttiness and flavor to recipes as well as help skin look youthful, it’s no wonder why this is quickly becoming a staple in home kitchens and bathroom cabinets. 


Texture of hazelnut oil

Its non greasy nature allows it to spread along the skin easily leaving a velvety finish similar to almond oil.

Product Specifications of Hazelnut Essential Oil | Corylus avellana oil

Botanical Name Corylus avellana
Color Off white to brown
Origin USA
Extraction Method Cold-pressed
Source Seed


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How to find the right hazelnut oil supplier

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