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Champaca Absolute


Champaca Absolute Oil 

Aromachology oils is extremely excited to offer this premium quality champaca absolute oil at wholesale price for natural perfumery and skincare manufacturing. 

Pure champaca floral absolute oil is a reddish brown liquid that smells flowery. It is extracted from the flowering tops of Michelia Champaca grown and cultivated in India.

It takes forever for these plants to mature and the amount of care they require is just insane. 

That makes it a very rare and highly prized scent that is usually used in luxury fragrances. 

Our right connections and a strong supply chain enables us to procure them at the right price and thus we are able to offer champaca absolute at wholesale price to the public. 

Our objective is to have the best of nature accessible to all. With this mission, we ensure that our pure champaca red floral absolute is ethically sourced and meets all quality standards. 

All our fellow perfumers love this fragrance for its ability to add a layer of depth, luxury and complexity to any blend. 

As a leading essential oil wholesaler, we invite you to witness the olfactory magic of this pure champaca red absolute. 


Champaca Red Absolute Oil Wholesale Details

Botanical Name:

Michelia Champaca


Champaca plant has fragrant flowers that are popular for their aroma. It mostly grows in tropical weather with enough sunlight and water. It flourishes better when the surrounding environment is humid. 

It requires a lot of care in terms of regular watering and protection from insects. It tests patience in terms of cultivation as it bears the results after years of care. 

Plant Family:



Base note


Red Champaca Absolute has an aroma that smells like a tropical garden. It is floral, and sweet with some citrusy notes here and there. It is a luxurious aroms that sometimes even reminds of apricots. The alluring warm and rich scent is definitely going to win hearts of everyone it travels to. 


Reddish brown



Blends well with:

Cardamom, Clary Sage, Broom, Boronia, Cocoa, Chamomille, Neroli,  RoseVetiver

Usage instructions / Precautions:

All absolute oils are potent plant extracts; hence, diluting them before using them directly on skin is extremely critical. It is not recommended to take the product orally.