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Chia Seed Oil



Chia seed oil is the new 'it' ingredient in the personal care and cosmetics industry. It is a cold pressed carrier oil extracted from Salvia Hispanica L. While you can't make a pudding out of it, you can definitely add it to your skincare regime to experience the nourishing benefits. The nutrient profile includes antioxidants like vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). They work together to moisturize the skin from within. 

This chia seed oil has been mechanically processed and is not treated with any heat. It also has a longer shelf life compared to other carrier oils. We always recommend doing a patch test before you use the product extensively. 



Product Details

Botanical name: Salvia Hispanica L

Plant Family: Lamiaceae

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Country of origin: South America

Extracted from: Seed

Colour and appearance: Colourless to light yellow

Aroma: Neutral, mild

Oil type: Carrier oil

Consistency: Light