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Coconut Oil - Virgin


Aromachology oils undergo a careful distillation followed by evaluation of aroma.

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Virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconut meat using cold-pressed method. Extra virgin conveys that the oil is of the highest quality. It involves no heat or chemicals and hence is an excellent choice for natural skincare and personal care products.  This oil retains the excellent nutrient profile of coconut along with its aroma. Some of them include Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) like lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid, Vitamin E, and some quantities of Polyphenols. 

Unlike the refined variant, virgin coconut oil has a stronger scent. I won't be the first one to tell you that it is indeed one of the most popular ingredients in the skincare world. You will find it almost everywhere, from soaps, to shampoos, body lotions, serums, and massage oils, the list is simply endless. It is now being used as the base ingredient in a lot of natural and vegan makeup removers as well. 


Product Details

Botanical name: Cocos Nucifera

Plant Family: Arecaceae

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Country of origin: India

Extracted from: Meat

Colour and appearance: Colourless 

Aroma: Typical of coconut

Oil type: Virgin carrier oil

Consistency: Greasy, thickens in cold climate

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