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Coffee Essential Oil


Coffee Essential Oil

Aromachology, the best essential oil, wholesaler invites you to experience the aroma of one of the finest coffee essential oil. Our premium quality bulk coffee essential oil is steam distilled from the best quality coffee beans.

This oil has one of the richest and most aromatic essence and will transcend you to a wonderful space and time.
Coffee is something that is loved and cherished by almost everyone across cultures. There is no doubt about the love of coffee that we as a human race possess. It is marked by the vast number of coffee joints that have come up across the US. While  we enjoy coffee in various ways be it a cold brew or a hot cappuccino, essential oil of coffee is something that might be new to most of us.
The aroma of this pure coffee oil in bulk is bound to take you to a fresh morning, which is filled with tranquillity and energy.
Our meticulous extraction process ensures that the true aroma of the roasted coffee beans is preserved in this aromatic oil, and the same gets transcended or transferred to your home when you use it.

Benefits of coffee essential oil

Aromachology’s premium quality wholesale coffee essential oil is not just an aromatic wonder but also has a wide range of benefits for your mind, body and soul.

In aromatherapy, this invigorating aroma can help increase clarity and mental focus. If you were long searching for an aroma or essential oil, that will be perfect for your work or study time then look no further and try your coffee essential oils. It is the best essential oil to use while studying while working, or doing any activity which involves focus.

Blends well with

The aroma of coffee essential oil is warm and very typical of coffee which makes it a great option to blend with other essential oils like cinnamon cardamom, vanilla, orange, etc.

Skincare benefits

Coffee essential oil is not just great to smell but is also an amazing wonder for the skin that is the reason why so many skincare brands today use coffee essential oil as one of the main ingredients in face, creams face scrubs, body lotions, body creams, body, butter, soaps, shower gels, etc.

Wondering what are the great skin care properties that coffee essential oil possess? Well, to begin with, it is loaded with antioxidants and is headed in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines it even adds a glow to tired and dull skin. If you were looking for a solution to get the best complexion, then coffee essential oil is your answer. Scrubs made out of coffee oil are very popular and you should give them a try too.

Natural perfumery

If you are a perfumer or a DIY enthusiast who likes to make natural perfumes, then coffee essential oil is a great addition to your kit. It is a very exotic and uncommon aroma, but it will be a great option to create fragrances that are different yet loved by all.

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Product Specifications of Coffee Oil

Botanical Name Coffea Arabica L
Color Light yellow to brown
Odor Woody
Blends well with Patchouli, ylang ylang
Origin India
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Root