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Cucumber Essential Oil


Cucumber Essential Oil

Love a refreshing cucumber cooler? Then this cucumber essential oil is perfect for you. Looking for premium quality cucumber oil at highly competitive rates? Then look no further. Aromachology‘s pure wholesale cucumber oil is one of the best in terms of pricing, quality and packaging.
Extracted from the seeds of cucumber, this essential oil is a great addition to your skincare routine as it can nourish and protect the skin against various external factors.
Did you know that cucumbers were first cultivated over 3000 years ago? And do you know where were first cultivated? In India! Yes, cucumbers were first cultivated in India, and then later went to various other parts of the world, including Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.

Blends well with

Cucumber oil blends well with oils like tea tree, ylang-ylang, peppermint, cedarwood, clove, frankincense etc. 


Cucumber Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Skincare benefits

Cucumbers are extremely hydrating as they are mostly filled with water. It is this hydrating and nourishing property of cucumbers, that also gets transcended into the essential oil extracted from it.

Cucumber essential oil is great to protect the skin from sun damage and even has properties that fight free radicals. This makes it a great addition to any face creams, serums, body lotions, etc. It not only reduces inflammation but also soothes dry and irritated skin as it hydrates the skin from within.

Try it for yourself by adding just a few drops of Aromachology‘s pure cucumber seed essential oil to any facemask, moisturizer or toner of your choice and experience the refreshing magic on your skin.


Our cucumber essential oil has an aroma, which is as refreshing as that of cucumbers. Simply add a few drops of this interesting essential oil to any diffuser and experience serenity and tranquillity like no other. It not only promotes relaxation but also reduces stress, making it a perfect partner for any meditative or yoga practice. Want to unwind and relax at the end of the day? Don’t know which essential oil to put in the diffuser? Try cucumber seed essential oil and experience a calm like no other. 


Haircare benefits

The essential oil extracted from cucumber seeds is an excellent choice to even add to your hair care regime or craft and manufacture hair care products. It has the power to nourish and strengthen your hair. Just a few drops of this oil can leave your hair softer and smoother than ever before. And to add to the experience, the scent makes it a wonderful choice to have a refreshing hair care routine.


Buy pure cucumber essential oil at low prices in USA directly from manufacturer 

Aromachology uses only the finest grade cucumbers to extract the pure cucumber essential oil. It is a 100% natural, cruelty-free product, which does not have any additives, fixatives or synthetic fragrances added to it. We believe in the true power of nature and work hard to bring the best of it to you. That is why we do not entertain anything that is less than premium quality.


If you have been looking to buy cucumber essential oil for skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, perfumery, mists, or for resale then Aromachology oils is a great option for you. We are a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of bulk essential oils and ship worldwide using express shipping services of DHL, UPS and FedEx. Our rigorous testing procedures And high standards of production ensure that you get only the best quality bulk cucumber seed oil each time you shop with us. This means that you will get exceptional results from the products that you buy from us. Our prices are highly competitive and service is exceptional. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and let us know what you think.

Cucumber Oil in Bulk Details & Specifications

Botanical Name Cucumis sativus
Origin India 
Extraction Process Cold-pressed
Colour & Consistency Light to pale yellow
Aroma Fresh, Earthy
Plant Part Used Seeds