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Dreamy Duets Essential Oil Blend


Dreamy Duets Essential Oil Synergy Blend

Slow dance with your beloved with our dreamy duets essential oil. It is grounding and woodsy and will make you feel like snuggling up under the duets and romanticizing life. 

It smells like watching snow by a fireplace in a hilly region. Find togetherness, love and yourself. 

Indulge in the enchanting embrace of nature's harmonious symphony with our "Dreamy Duets" essential oil blend. This carefully crafted fusion of cedarwood, pine, and fir essential oils invites you to a dreamlike journey through a tranquil forest, where serenity and calmness intertwine like a mesmerizing duet.

What's Inside

  1. Pine Essential Oil
  2. Cedarwood Essential Oil
  3. Fir Essential Oil