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Essential Oil Bottles


Wholesale Essential Oil Bottles - Amber Glass Bottles with Caps - Best Price Guaranteed!

Essential oil bottles are a must-have in the paraphernalia of every aromatherapy or skincare enthusiast. That is why we partnered with global manufacturers and introduced a variety of amber glass bottles that are perfect to store essential oils. 

Introducing our high-quality amber glass essential oil bottles - the perfect solution for storing and protecting your precious oils. These bottles are made from durable amber glass, which helps to prevent the degradation of your oils by blocking out harmful UV light.

Properties of Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

1. Size

These bottles can store 10 ml or 0.3 fl oz of liquid. We also have variations of 30 ml available, please drop us a mail if you are looking for the 30 ml or any other size variation. 

2. Dimensions

With cap: height= 6 cm | circumference= 2.5 cm

Without cap: height = 5.5 cm | circumference = 2.5 cm 

3. Locking

It is a sealable bottle which means once you tighten the cap, it automatically seals the bottles and prevents any spilling. 

4. Dropper

It has a sealable dropper inside which ensures that the oil comes out in drops, making it easy to use for various purposes. 

5. Colour and Design

These bottles are amber-coloured and made of glass. They come in two variations, one with a white cap and another one with a black cap. 

The amber glass gives a classic and elegant look to your oils, making them an attractive addition to any room. The bottles are also lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for use on the go.

6. Bulk Pricing

These chic and durable bottles are available at the cheapest prices in the market. The minimum order quantity is just 12 bottles unlike other companies where you have to buy minimum 200-300 bottles to get wholesale prices. 

Aromachology is a trusted supplier and wholesaler of essential oil bottles in bulk. 

7. UV protection

One of the key benefits of our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles is that they are designed to protect your oils from the harmful effects of UV light. UV light can cause oils to break down and lose their potency over time. Our amber glass bottles are crafted to block out UV light, ensuring that your oils stay fresh and potent for longer.

8. Suitable for all oils

Our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles are perfect for use with all types of essential oils, including both pure and diluted oils. They are also suitable for use with carrier oils, making them perfect for creating your own blends and recipes.

9. Comes with Caps = Save more money

Our essential oil glass bottles come with caps which means the overall cost you would be incurring on each bottle goes significantly lower compared to any other vendor. 


How are Aromachology's amber glass bottles made?

Our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles are made using a unique manufacturing process that involves melting down raw materials, including sand, soda ash, and limestone until they become molten glass. The molten glass is then blown into moulds to create the desired shape and size of the bottle. This process ensures that each bottle is of the highest quality and is built to last.


Buy wholesale essential oil bottles online 

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable, and attractive way to store and protect your essential oils, our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles are the perfect solution. Whether you're a professional aromatherapist or just starting out, our bottles are an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their oils.

In conclusion, our Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to store and protect their essential oils in a safe and effective way. With their high-quality amber glass construction, precision dropper caps, and UV-blocking properties, these bottles are the ultimate tool for any aromatherapy enthusiast. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!