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Galangal Root Essential Oil


What is Galangal Root Essential Oil?

Buckle up and join us as we take a ride down memory lane to learn more about the ancient but timelessly wise galangal root essential oil. This delectable aromatherapy companion has been used since ancient times all around the world for its wide spectrum of benefits.

Today, a growing number of holistic health practitioners are including galangal root essential oil in their arsenal of healing tools. Extracted through steam distillation, galangal root essential oil can open up levels of healing in the body previously only accessible through precious time and monetary investments. 


Benefits and uses of Galangal oil

A few of the standout benefits associated with this wonder oil include anti-inflammation, antiseptic, antioxidant and beneficial anti-parasitic properties that can help boost your wellbeing in myriad ways. The subtle scent from the sweet and earthy aroma that carves out its own unique place in the world of aromatherapy is notable for transporting one’s spirit to places drained and weary souls desperately need to go for true rejuvenation.

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