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Green Tea Absolute


Green Tea Absolute Overview

Green tea absolute has a lot to offer to the world of perfumery. It has unique earthy and refreshing notes that can uplift any scent. It also has therapeutic benefits and offers a wide range of antioxidants, making it fit for skincare and personal care product formulations. This green tea concrete is extracted from the leaves of Thea Sinensis L and the origin is France. 

You can add green tea absolute to any perfume concoction to enhance its character. Now you can get your hands on this mesmerising fragrance without creating a hole in your pocket. Buy it in bulk at wholesale price and save big!


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Botanical Details

Botanical name: Thea Sinensis L

Plant Family: Theaceae

Country of origin: France

Extracted from: Leaves

Colour and appearance: Pale yellow

Aroma: Earthy, herbaceous

Oil type: Absolute Oil

Consistency: Pourable viscosity