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Helichrysum Absolute


Helichrysum Absolute Overview

Helichrysum absolute oil or concrete is a potent aromatic oil extracted from Helichrysum Angustfolium plant. It belongs to Asteraceae family. The plant is often known as narrow-leaved everlasting flower or immortelle. Even flowers like daisy and sunflower belong to the same family. 

Helichrysum absolute is extracted with a lot of care so that the resulting oil can capture the true aromatic compounds of the flowers. The plant is popular for its lovely yellow flowers and exotic aroma. You will mostly find it being cultivated in the Mediterranean region. It is not just an olfactory delight but offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits too. 

Helichrysum concrete or absolute has a sweet, honey like aroma that is warm and comforting to experience. Use it to make any scent smell expensive and luxurious. It won't be wrong to call it a sought after ingredient in the world of natural perfumery. Each drop of this pure floral absolute is an elixir to everything sweet. Experience it at wholesale price with Aromachology Oils. 


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Botanical Details

Botanical name: Helichrysum Angustfolium

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Country of origin: Africa

Extracted from: Leaves and flowers

Colour and appearance: Pale yellow

Aroma: Sweet, fresh, warm, honey-like

Oil type: Absolute Oil

Consistency: Pourable viscosity