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Kewra Essential Oil


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Kewra Essential Oil - Most Exotic Oil From India

 Something special has been dug up from the depths of Indian history and brought to you in the form of Kewra Essential Oil.

This aging oil is derived from ancient pandanus flowers, with a mesmerizing aroma that is unparalleled. With its intense floral notes,

Aromachology is an essential oil wholesaler, well known for being the wholesale manufacturer of the best quality Kewra Oil.

Kewra oil is made through steam distillation of the flowers of Kewra or also known as the Pandanus plant.

It is widely known for its flowery aroma. This plant is native of the east coast region of India and is also known as kevada and screw pine.


Colour and Aroma

It has an aroma very similar to a rose. Kewra essential oil is light yellow or brown in color. It is an excellent moisturizer and a popular ingredient in the natural skincare and beauty industry, it is also widely used in perfumery and aromatherapy. 


Benefits and Uses of Kewra Essential Oil

Kewra Essential Oil is known for its fragrant aroma when used in aromatherapy or even as a subtle perfume. Not only does it have the perfect scent, but it also brings various benefits! It's known to improve metabolism and digestion, calm anxiety and depression, reduce fatigue, and enhance skincare.  

Kewra Essential Oil can make soapmaking easier than ever! You can use it to enrich your soap with an enchanting scent while still being kind to your skin. 


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