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Labdanum Absolute


Labdanum Absolute Overview 


Labdanum absolute is also known as Mediterranean rock rose absolute. It is a luxurious fragrant concrete that is used in natural perfumery, aromatherapy, and other personal care products. It is extracted from the leaves of Cistus Ladaniferus through solvent extraction. The result is a highly potent oil that captures the true essence of the plant.

Labdanum absolute has a warm, rich, resin-like, sweet, and somewhat balsamic aroma. You will notice some hints of woody, leather-like, and amber that will remind you of a warm tropical mountain hike. It is a prestigious ingredient amongst perfumers because it not only adds depth but also increases the life of the scent. Labdanum concrete is particularly added to woody and amber-like perfumes. 

Along with its aromatic properties, labdanum absolute essential oil is also famous for its therapeutic properties. It is believed to help in grounding and centering practices. At Aromachology Oils, we take immense pride in our ethical practices. This product aligns well with our eco-conscious value. 



Botanical Details

Botanical name: Cistus Ladaniferus

Plant Family: Cistaceae

Country of origin: France

Extracted from: Gum

Colour and appearance: Yellow to brown

Aroma: Warm, amber, woody

Oil type: Absolute Oil