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Labdanum Essential Oil


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 Discover labdanum essential oil and feel the luxurious, relaxing aroma it will bring to your daily routine. With a woody and slightly sweet scent that provides grounding properties, labdanum essential oil has a wealth of benefits that make it an incredibly useful product. Its healing powers make it great for treating physical ailments while its soothing qualities make it perfect for mental wellbeing and relaxation.

It is a small gummy shrub also known as a rockrose, with lance-shaped leaves that are white and furry on the underside, and has fragrant white flowers.

Benefits and Uses of Labdanum Essential Oil

Labdanum essential oil can be used in various ways, from aromatherapy uses such as burning or diffusing to adding drops of the oil directly onto your skin for therapeutic relief.

You can also use this luxury oil in soap-making processes to add natural ingredients and increase lather for a gentle cleansing effect.

Labdanum essential oil's earthy aroma is deeply calming, so you can create an ambient atmosphere around your home or workspace. 

  • Helps in treating bronchitis and other lung infections
  • Treats diarrhea, edema, tumors and menstrual problems
  • Used for loosening chest congestion
  • Prevents viral infections
  • Works as a stimulant for immune system


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