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Linden Blossom Absolute


Linden Blossom Absolute Overview 

Linden blossom absolute oil is a potent aromatic oil derived from the blossoming parts of the Tilia Vulgaris plant. The meticulous extraction process ensures the true essence is captured and you get only high-grade oil. You can use Linden Blossom Absolute for perfume making, aromatherapy, and manufacturing of personal care products. It smells sweet, honey-like, and warm. 

Along with perfumery, it is also used for therapeutic benefits. It is calming in nature and is perfect to induce relaxation. It is mostly reddish brown in color and is highly concentrated. 

Let this essence of linden blossom transport you into a world of warmth, relaxation and sophistication. 


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Tilia Vulgaris

Plant Family: Malvaceae

Country of origin: France

Extracted from: Blossoms

Colour and appearance: Brown

Aroma: Sweet, floral

Oil type: Absolute Oil