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Mimosa Absolute


Mimosa Absolute Overview 

Introducing high-grade mimosa absolute oil from the house of Aromachology Oils. It is a carefully extracted concentrated oil from the bloom of Acacia mearnsii plant. It is also known as black wattle oil. While the plant is mostly used for its wood, perfumers swear by this plant to get a highly aromatic oil.

The fragrance of it will remind you of sun-kissed floral fields in spring. 

The aroma can be described as sweet and powdery. It has some herbaceous notes too. The oil is extracted with a lot of caution as the compounds are very delicate. Perfumers often use mimosa absolute as the heart note to add depth and elegance to any scent. 

It is particularly a good choice if the perfumer is looking to add sophistication to any fragrance.


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Acacia mearnsii

Plant Family: Fabaceae

Country of origin: France

Extracted from: Flowers

Colour and appearance: Pale yellow to semi solid

Aroma: Delicate

Oil type: Absolute Oil