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Organic Lemon Essential Oil


Aromachology oils undergo a careful distillation followed by evaluation of aroma.

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Aromachology is a wholesale bulk supplier with expertise in Organic lemon essential oil. It is clear to pale yellow in colour and carries all the citrusy goodness of lemons. Extracted from the peels of Citrus limon, it is used for skincare formulations and for adding zesty notes to any fragrance. It can be phototoxic so approach with caution. Organic Lemon oil is also used for soap making, candle making, formulating cleaning products, and aromatherapy.  Our pure organic lemon essential oil is formulated without any chemicals and synthetic additives. 

Product Details

Botanical Name: Citrus limon

Extraction Process: Cold-pressed

Country of Origin: India

Aroma: Fresh, citrusy, lemony

Plant Part Used For Extraction: Peels

Industries We Proudly Serve

  • Aromatherapy
  • Perfumes and Colognes
  • Beauty, Cosmetics, Skincare and Haircare
  • Food and Flavoring
  • Pet Care
  • Wellness, Hotels and Spas
  • Personal Care
  • Home Fragrance