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Pine Essential Oil


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What is Pine Essential Oil? (Pinus sylvestris)

Pine, also known as Pinus Sylvestris, is traditionally called the Christmas tree and is a native plant of Hungary. It has a fresh woody aroma. Pine essential oil is extracted using the steam distillation process. They are grown largely in Eurasia. It belongs to the family of Pinaceae. They grow on sandy soils, poorer rock outcrops, peat bogs, or near some forest limits.

The pine tree grows 131 meters tall. It has orange-reddish bark with stiff bluish-green needles. The pine tree needles are used for the extraction of oil using the steam distillation process. It gives high-quality oil. These trees are naturally grown without fertilizers. It blends well with other essential oils, namely lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, and peppermint.



Pine or scotch pine is used for extracting the essential pine oil by the method of steam distillation. The matured leaves of the trees are used for extracting. The needles of the pines are collected and chopped well. Later they undergo the steam distillation or solvent extraction process to obtain the oil. The pine releases are violated and placed in the ingredients vat. Add some water for its delicate consistency and streams and pass through the vat. Let them cool, and separate the oil and water.

Solvent Extraction

The other method of extracting Pine essential oil is solvent extraction. Natural solvent sources, hexane or ethanol, are added for the aroma and oil extraction process, and it gets dissolved in the oil after several hours of concentration.


Contemporary uses of Pine Essential oil

The historical evidence of pines states that they are widely used for making constructional painting substances like tar, turpentine, pitch, etc. The tree grows to a height of 131 meters. It is said to be the torch tree or Master of light because the growth symbolizes that it's about to catch the beams of the sun. It is also called the watchman of the sky by the native American tribes.

The pine tree needles are used as mattress fillings to control the flea and lice. The tree barks incorporate the property of curing cough, cold, respiratory issues, bacterial infections, inflammation rates, and headaches. In recent years, Pine oil has been used for many therapeutic purposes. It is used in aromatherapy, making soap, hair care and skincare, perfumes, air sprays, diffusers, etc.


Component breakdown of Pine Essential Oil


A-pinene and B-pinene

They both have antimicrobial properties to fight fungi and bacteria.


It is the extraction from citrus fruit to add a citrus-like aroma.


It has analgesic, calming, relaxing, and mind-soothing properties.


This oil has a high anti-inflammatory effect; it reduces inflammation.


The anti fungal properties cure infections.


Benefits of using Pine Essential Oil



The essential oil has exotic benefits for our bodies. It can be applied topically to experience a pain-free and relaxed body. We can use it to experience peaceful nature through its aroma and fragrance. You can inhale it or use it for bathing by adding a few drops of water or soap to nurture its benefits.


It stimulates blood circulation over the scalp and helps in the nourishment of hair follicles. The diluted natural hair oil is used to treat dandruff and hair growth. The antioxidants protect hair from environmental damage. You can add some drops of this oil in a spray bottle with water to spray directly on the scalp for hair benefits.


It can be diluted and used for acne treatments because it has the antimicrobial property to control acne. You can also use it as a toner by adding this oil with rosewater and spraying it over your face. It stops premature aging and controls aging through its antioxidant properties. You can use it in the form of skin formulations.


Using high-quality diffusers, you can make yourself and your surroundings refreshed, recharged, and scented with essential pine oil. You can add some drops of pine and other blends or carrier oils for mind-soothing effects. Diffusers have the property of making the fragrance, aroma, and scent to our body through inhaling and curing our respiratory issues and bringing mental clarity and focus.

Massage application

This oil is used as a massage application. It should be diluted and blended with other essential oils or carrier oils. After blending and diluting, it should be heated for a while, and the warm oil should be used for massaging. Massaging with this oil helps to calm the nervous system and promotes sleep. It cures muscle and joint pains and stimulates blood circulation.

Air sprays and perfumes

Air sprays and perfumes can be prepared with essential oils and lukewarm water at home. High chemical uses in Perfumes, air fresheners, and body sprays may cause respiratory and skin infections. The air sprays and perfumes made with this oil enhance our mood and make our concentration capacity wider. It can also be used to activate our brain cells through its refreshing aroma.

Incense and candles

Candles from essential oils are rich in fragrance and health benefits to keep the environment scented and ourselves healthy. Many incense and candles have high chemical exposure and have been widely sold in the market. The candles and incense produce an uplifting fragrance and aroma that directly fights the bacteria, viruses and fungi that produce health issues.


Soaps are made with high chemical potency, which causes ill effects over time. You can make homemade soap using essential oil as its base and foundation. Don't use any chemical variations for the base. This soap can act as a moisturizer and increase skin complexion. It will set you free from skin radicals and prevent acne, scars, blemishes, spots, and other skin-related issues.

Medicinal benefits

This beneficial oil helps maintain good respiratory health, detoxifies the body, promotes sleep, and prevents skin and hair problems. The decongestant property helps in the relief of nasal passages. The antioxidant properties make us relax and calm our minds. The antimicrobial effects fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It heals long-term and small wounds.


Product Details

Botanical Name Pinus sylvestris
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Origin Hungary
Color Colorless to pale yellow
Aroma Smells like being in a lush green forest
Extracted from Leaves

Pine essential oil for Pets

The alpha pinene and beta pinene can be more toxic to small animals and cats. It affects their immune, respiratory, liver, and heart. It might risk pets if they ingest or lick a drop of this essential oil. This oil has various acid blends that are made for human nature.



Pine Essential oils are made with highly acidic materials, so you should not apply them directly to your skin. Dilution is preferred. Avoid congestion without medical advice. Blend with carrier or other essential oil before applying it on wounds. Don't keep it in sunlight; store it in a cool or dry place. Please Don't keep near children and pets.

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