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Ravensara Essential Oil


Ravensara Essential Oil 

Ravensara essential oil is considered to be a great remedy for viral, cold and other such issues. Our pure ravensara oil is extracted from the leaves and bark of ravensara aromatic plant which is native to Madagascar. Yes, it comes all the way from the forests of Madagascar. Aromachology, along with our expert distillers, packages it to ensure the true essence is maintained in every drop. Can you guess other common names for ravensara oil? They are Madagascar clove and clove nutmeg. 

Aromachology offers 100% pure and undiluted ravensara oil at wholesale price so you can make the most of this high quality oil without creating a whole in your pocket

Smell and Aroma

The smell of ravensara oil is herbaceous and has a top note. The aroma is refreshing and rich. It is can be a great addition to diffuser blends, soaps, massage blends, candles, perfumes etc. 


Benefits and Uses of Ravensara Essential Oil

Ravensara essential oil has a wide range of benefits across perfumery, aromatherapy, pharma, skincare, soap and candle making etc. 

But the most notable benefits are its ability to offer respite from respiratory ailments. Pure ravensara oil can help you reduce congestion and other such symptoms. Breathe happily with this oil and say au revoir to respiratory issues. Always consult a medical practitioner though, you know that goes without saying. 

It is also used for relieving pain in various body parts like teeth, head, muscles and joints. 

Along with the benefits for physical health, oil of ravensara is considered to have positive effects on mental health as well. Want to focus better? Try diffusing a few drops of ravensara oil around you and observe how it increases mental focus and clarity. 


benefits of ravensara essential oil


Ravensara Essential Oil Blends: DIY Recipe

Mix all the ingredients and apply on affected area. Experience the magic of nature creating wonders for you with our pure oil. 


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Product Details

Product Name Ravensara Essential Oil 
Botanical Name

Ravensara aromatica

Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Origin Madagascar
Colour thin, clear, yellowish brown
Aroma Rich, woody, herbaceous aroma
Extracted from

Bark, leaves