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Roll on Bottles (Transparent)


Wholesale Roll-on Bottles - 10 ml Plastic with Roller top - Best Price Guaranteed!

Introducing our 10 ml plastic roll-on bottles, the perfect solution for all your on-the-go fragrance and essential oil needs! These bottles are made from high-quality, durable plastic and are designed to hold up to 10 ml of your favourite scents.


Properties of Roller Bottles 10 ml

1. Size

These bottles can store 10 ml or 0.3 fl oz of liquid. 

2. Dimensions

With cap: height= 8.7 cm | circumference= 1.5 cm

Without cap: height = 7.5 cm | circumference = 1.5 cm 

3. Locking

It is a sealable bottle and gets sealed when you tighten the roller on the top. 

4. Roller top

The roller top of these multipurpose bottles allows easy application of oil and makes the process very smooth.  

5. Colour and Design

These bottles are clear, transparent and made of plastic. 

The roll-on applicator allows for easy and precise application of your fragrance or essential oil, without the mess and waste often associated with traditional spray bottles. The compact size of these bottles makes them perfect for travel or for keeping in your purse or pocket for easy access throughout the day.

6. Bulk Pricing

These chic and durable bottles are available at the cheapest prices in the market. The minimum order quantity is just 12 bottles unlike other companies where you have to buy minimum 200-300 bottles to get wholesale prices. 

Aromachology is a trusted supplier and wholesaler of roll on bottles in bulk. 

7. Comes with Caps = Save more money

Our essential oil roller bottles come with caps which means the overall cost you would be incurred on each bottle goes significantly lower compared to any other vendor. 

8. Ideal for creating custom blends 

Our plastic roll-on bottles are also ideal for creating custom blends of essential oils, making them a great choice for aromatherapy enthusiasts and those looking to create their own unique fragrances. The clear plastic material of the bottles allows you to easily see how much product is left, so you'll never be caught off guard when you're running low.

Buy 10 ml Roll on bottles for essential oils in bulk at wholesale prices

Whether you're a seasoned essential oil user or just starting to explore the world of fragrances, our 10 ml plastic roll on bottles are the perfect choice for convenient, mess-free application of your favorite scents. Order now and experience the convenience and versatility of our plastic roll on bottles for yourself!