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Rose Paradise Fragrance Oil


Aromachology oils undergo a careful distillation followed by evaluation of aroma.

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Rose Paradise Fragrance Oil

Introducing the most classic aroma from the house of Aromachology Oils, Rose Paradise fragrance oil. It is basically the aroma of a million roses packed in a bottle. This timeless fragrance is a no-brainer whether you are searching for a fragrance oil for candles, soaps or diffusers. 

The aroma of a rose is one of the most captivating and distinctive scents in the natural world. It is a delicate and complex fragrance that has been cherished for centuries, often used in perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy.

 Whether in a bouquet, a garden, or a single stem, the aroma of a rose can transport us to a world of beauty, elegance, and romance. It is no wonder that this fragrance has been celebrated in art, literature, and culture for generations, as it truly is a scent like no other.

The aroma of rose has been cherished globally for centuries. That is why when we were designing our fragrance range, we could not have missed out on this one. 


Scent Profile 

The scent is sweet and floral, with subtle hints of spice and fruit, and can range in intensity from light and airy to deep and rich. 

How to use Rose Paradise Fragrance Oil?

If you are enticed to buy our rose paradise fragrance oil but are wondering how to use it then don't worry, we've got you covered. 

It is a versatile product and is great to be used as a diffuser oil, candle oil, potpourri oil etc. It can be used for formulating body lotions, bath bombs, body butter, exfoliants, body mists and perfumes. 

It is a classic fragrance hence it can also be added to homecare products like home sprays, cleaners to fill the house with the enchanting aroma of roses.


Safety Guidelines

Rose Paradise is a fragrance oil and not essential oil hence it has fixatives added to it. This should be kept away from the direct reach of children and should be checked with a medical practitioner before using it around pregnant women. 

Proper IFRA guidelines need to be followed for dilution. Consult a doctor before using if you are suffering from any illness. Oils and other such ingredients are combustible so use them safely. It should not be used for formulating products that are to be used near mouth and lips. This is not a natural product and contains synthetics so do not engage in excessive usage. Use it for the intended purpose only and do not swallow or ingest it in any scenario. 

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