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Saffron Absolute


Saffron Absolute Overview 

Saffron absolute oil captures the true essence of the world's most sought-after spice. It is a potent extraction of the flowers of Crocus Sativus from India. Saffron is rich in aroma, colour as well as flavour. It is warm and exotic in aroma and can make any fragrnace smell more luxurious. Our artisanal extraction process ensures you get the highest grade absolute everytime. 


Saffron absolute has warm, sweet, honey-like, slightly spicy and floral notes. Perfumers mostly use it as the heart note. Aromatherapy benefits include relaxation and creating feelings of opulence. It can be used for skincare and cosmetic formulations as well. Do remember that this is a highly potent product so always follow proper precautions while handling.  


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Crocus Sativus

Plant Family: Iridaceae

Country of origin: India

Extracted from: Flower buds

Colour and appearance: Reddish yellow to orange

Aroma: Warm, exotic, floral, spicy

Oil type: Absolute Oil