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Turmeric Essential Oil


Turmeric Essential Oil

Pure turmeric essential oil at wholesale prices is a natural oil derived from the Curcuma longa plant through steam distillation. It is an elixir from mother nature and has more benefits than you can count. Aromachology's wholesale turmeric oil is 100% pure and undiluted, free from any chemical additives and is a perfect oil for those wanting to bring some natural turmeric magic in their lives. 

Whether you are searching for turmeric oil for aromatherapy or for skincare, this is a great fit for you. The aroma has a base note and is woody, very typical of the spice that is used in Indian cuisine. Shop now online and get great discounts. Our guaranteed low prices will make you keep coming back for more. 


If you are a fan of golden milk or golden milk latte, you might have wondered what gives the drink its signature golden/yellow colour. The answer lies in the most commonly used spice in Indian food, turmeric. Believe it or not, this magical spice is so famous in India that no recipe is complete without it.

And the reason? 

Ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners had identified the innumerable health benefits of this spice and promoted it as a superfood. It was also promoted as an important ingredient in face packs as it added a natural glow and radiance to the skin. 

Modern-day science has also started recognizing the magical benefits and as a result, pure wholesale turmeric essential oil is now being added in skincare and cosmetic formulations. 


Turmeric Oil Wholesaler and Bulk Supplier USA, Australia, Canada

Looking for a reliable turmeric oil wholesaler, bulk supplier, manufacturer and distributor in the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, France, and Dubai? Then you have found the perfect supplier. Aromachology is a one-stop shop to buy curcumin oil in bulk for your business. Excellent quality with factory prices has made www.aromachologyoils.com a preferred supplier for various retailers and brand-name manufacturers. 


Blends well with

Clove bud, cinnamon, allspice, anise

Product Details

Product Name Turmeric Essential Oil 
Botanical Name Curcuma longa
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Origin India
Colour Pale yellow to orange yellow
Aroma Strong, woody, earthy 
Extracted from Roots