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Vetiver essential oil


Vetiver Essential Oil

Want to know what an Indian Royal Palace smells like? Then try our pure vetiver essential oil at wholesale price. Vetiver has been traditionally loved in Indian culture for its exotic aroma and its cooling properties. Did you know that this herb is used to flavour water in summers? Drinking water flavoured by vetiver root keeps the body cool. 

Our 100% pure vetiver essential oil is steam distilled from only the finest roots vetiveria zizanoides. It is a precious and cherished oil and is quite difficult to obtain. It is cherished globally for its immense therapeutic properties. And boy oh boy, the magic it does for skin, don't even have words to describe that! Each drop is filled with great benefits for mind, body and soul. 


Vetiver Essential Oil Benefits & Uses For Wholesale Purpose

 Want to understand more about this exotic oil? Let's talk about some benefits of vetiver essential oil. 

Aromatherapy Benefits & Uses

Vetiver oil has a grounding and calming effect on our senses. Feeling restless, tired and agitated? Bulk Vetiver oil is there for your recuse. It has a deep, rich, woody aroma. The exotic notes will remind you of an Indian royal palace. The aroma is so popular that it is used by multiple brand name personal care manufacturers to give a beautiful scent to their products. You would also be surprised to know that the aroma of oil of vetiver even has tranquillising properties. Which means it can help you achieve a restful sleep. 

Diffuse a few drops in your favourite diffuser and create the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a long tiring day! If you don't own a diffuser, you can even apply a few drops on your pillow. Ease into sweet dreams and watch how it becomes your favourite essential oil in your whole kit. 


Vetiver Essential Oil Skin Benefits

Where should we start. The list of vetiver essential oil skin benefits is quite long. It reduces pigmentation and adds a wonderful glow to the skin. Even in ayurveda, it is is considered to be a great addition to skincare products. It is an excellent product to experiment with when it comes to creating moisturisers, serums, body creams, gels, and other body care and cosmetics. 


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Product Details

Product Name Vetiver Essential Oil
Botanical Name Vetiveria Zizanoides
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Origin India / Sri Lanka
Colour light brown to dark brown
Aroma Woody, deep, masculine, exotic
Extracted from Roots