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Violet Leaf Absolute


Violet Leaf Absolute Overview 


 Unlock a whole new world of natural olfactory delight with our violet leaf absolute oil. It is a potent and concentrated oil extracted from the leaves of Viola Odorata. The aroma of it will remind you of a green garden in spring. It has a fresh, sweet and quite crisp scent and is perfect to make your perfume creation smell more green. 

Violet leaf absolute oil is also known as English Violet oil or Sweet Violet oil and the plant mostly grows in Europe and Asia. It bears magnificent flowers that come in multiple colours like purple, white and blue. Historically, violet plant and its flowers have been associated with being faithful and commitment. Many artists and writers have tried to capture its beauty through their respective mediums. 


Botanical Details

Botanical name: Viola Odorata

Plant Family: Violaceae

Extracted from: Leaves

Aroma: Sweet, green, fresh

Oil type: Absolute Oil