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Ylang Ylang Absolute


Ylang Ylang Absolute Overview 

Ylang ylang absolute oil is one of the finest ways to incorporate Cananaga Odorata oil. It is way more potent and concentrated than ylang ylang essential oil, making it a great choice for natural perfumery. It offers just the right rich and floral notes of ylang-ylang. Get ready to transcend into a tropical paradise with it. It is mostly used if any fragrance needs to be made more sensual as the soft, fruity, and floral note hits the right spot. 

Did you know it belongs to the same plant family as custard apple? 

Along with perfumery, it is also excellent to introduce in your self-care ritual. When used in aromatherapy, it is believed to reduce stress and inculcate feelings of tranquility. 

What makes it even more exciting is many aromatherapists consider it to be a natural aphrodisiac. The exotic aroma allures you to get spicy and is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Ylang ylang absolute oil blends well with other aromas like lavender, bergamot, vetiver, orange, grapefruit, lime, sandalwood, frankincense, clary sage, jasmine etc. 



Botanical Details

Botanical name: Cananaga Odorata

Plant Family: Annonaceae

Country of origin: Madagascar

Extracted from: Flowers

Colour and appearance: Pale yellow

Aroma: Exotic, floral, sensual

Oil type: Absolute Oil