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Myrrh Essential Oil


Myrrh Essential Oil

Aromachology introduces sacred and precious myrrh essential oil in bulk at wholesale price online. As a leading myrrh essential oil manufacturer, wholesaler and bulk supplier across numerous countries, we take immense pride in offering this rare and potent essential oil of myrrh. Our oil, unlike most cheap alternatives available in the market, is not made with chemicals, additives, fixatives, but with love, precision and hard work. It holds immense grounding properties that will make it a perfect addition to your meditation routine. 


Aroma: What Does Myrrh Essential Oil Smell Like?

Grounding, warm, resinous, these are some of the perfect adjectives to describe this aromatic wonder. Best pure myrrh essential oil smells like visiting a buddhist temple in a faraway exotic land. It resinous and comforting aroma has been trusted by thousands of people over centuries to find purpose and clarity.


Key Components & Constituents

Following are the naturally occurring constituents of myrrh oil wholesale. As scientific as these names sound, you've got no need to worry because these are not artificially added compounds, rather what the oil naturally gets from its parent plant part. This is how it gets its healing and aromatic properties. 

  1. Sesquiterpenes:Anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated skin
  2. Monoterpenes: Includes  limonene and alpha-pinene which gives it a warm and distinctive aroma
  3. Sesquiterpenols: Anti-oxidant
  4. Terpenoids: Pain reliever 


Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits & Uses: For Wholesale Purpose 

Have you been feeling chaotic and lost in life lately? Do you find it difficult to sit down and just control your thoughts? Finding it difficult to focus during meditation? Then I would highly recommend to give wholesale myrrh essential oil a good try. But that is just one of the long list of benefits it holds. Let's explore a few more of benefits and uses, particularly for wholesale purpose. 

Grounding and Centring: Aromatherapy Benefits

Wholesale and bulk best myrrh oil can be of great use in aromatherapy. Not only does it clears the mind of any unnecessary thoughts and emotions, it helps you find your core and connect to your inner self. Diffusing a few drop of this aromatic masterpiece, especially during meditation, can instil a sense of inner peace. Use it as it is or mix it with any other essential of your choice and create a serene atmosphere around you. Unlock your inner potential with this mesmerising aroma. Inhale Clarity, Exhale Chaos. 

Support with Immune Health

Come a change in season and everyone arounds us starts falling sick. Once one person catches influenza, there is not stopping. It spreads like a crazy wildfire. While a good diet, proper exercise and 7-8 hours of restful sleep play a crucial role and strengthening  our immunity to fight the nasty flew, natural essential oil like myrrh, can also help. This lovely oil has natural properties that fight various pathogens in the air. Diffusing a few drops can help you keep these nasty pathogens away and maintain good health. We highly recommend using it during flu months or when seasons are transitioning. 

Balances Emotions 

Say goodbye to stress with balancing and uplifting aromatic properties of bulk myrrh essential oil. It balances emotions and eradicates blue and low feelings, bringing a magical upliftment to emotional health and wellbeing. To achieve emotional benefits of myrrh oil, you can either diffuse it using any good quality diffuser or mix it with a carrier oil and massage your body. Witness how your mood changes for the positive with this exotic aroma. 

Skincare Benefits

Along with its aromatic profile, it has components beneficial for skincare too. Myrrh essential oil is also used in cosmetic industry to achieve a radiant and wrinkle free skin. Say goodbye to lines, blemishes, dull and dry skin with moisturising and nourishing properties of myrrh essential oil bulk wholesale. 

Usage Guidelines and Precautions To Take 

Bulk essential oils can offer a wide range of benefits given that proper precautions and usage guidelines are followed. To use myrrh essential oil in a diffuser, you can simply add 4-7 drops of it and experience the magic. Diffuse in more airy spaces and avoid if you have pets around. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid or use only under medical supervision. Do not use directly on skin, dilute it first with a carrier oil. 

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Product Details

Product Name Myrrh Essential Oil 
Botanical Name Commiphora Myrrha
Extraction Method Solvent extraction
Origin Egypt
Colour Dark brown
Aroma Warm, resinous, spicy
Extracted from Dried gum oleoresin