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Benzoin Essential Oil


What is Benzoin Essential Oil? (Styrax Benzoin)

The Sumatra native tree Benzoin, also known as Styrax Benzoin, belongs to the family of Styracaceae. It has a sweet and warm vanilla aroma. It grows mainly in the Indonesian regions. The Benzoin oil is extracted from this tree using a Solvent extraction method. The matured resins are collected and used for oil extraction. They grow up to 50 ft tall. They are uniquely used in medical treatments and as insect repellents.


The Indonesian native plant Benzoin's oil is extracted from the balsamic resin from the barks, which represents the visible inclusions. These trees grow around 15 - 30 years; the resin in the bark is formed between the 7 - 8 years of its growth. The resins get harder due to the air contact with the resin. The collected resins are used for oil extraction using solvent extraction and steam distillation process.

Solvent extraction

The popular and modern method of oil extraction is called solvent extraction. The benzoin resin is grounded and powdered for extraction. It is mixed with hexane, dichloromethane, or ethanol for extraction. It is stirred well to extract the aroma and oil from the solvent. Then the mixture and the oil are filtered after the extraction process, and the oil is concentrated well to use.

Steam distillation

The other method used for Benzoin oil extraction is called steam distillation. The releases or the gum resin of Benzoin are placed in the ingredient vat for distillation. Water can be added according to the level of consistency. Then it should be heated for oil extraction. Now you can collect the water and oil in two separate containers. It is the way of extracting using steam distillation.


Contemporary uses of Benzoin Essential Oil

In the 15th century, traders brought the Benzoin resin in powder form by drying and powdering the resins to England. The powder was used as a blend with perfume by Queen Elizabeth I. It is popularly known as the 'incense of Java,' which has later been considered and used for high therapeutic purposes. The famous French astrologer, Nostradamus, categorized Benzoin essential oil for skin infections in 1556.

Ancient Romanians and Greeks used the resin of Benzoin in potpourri and incense. The Benzoin resin was traded across the Red Sea to Egypt and China by ancient Papyrus. This scent was sent as a gift by the sultan of Egypt to the Queen of Cyprus and the Doge of Venice.

In recent years, it has been mostly used in Aromatherapy, massage oils, skincare, haircare, diffuser, soap, incense, candles, etc. It is used for healing cuts, blisters, and wounds.


Benefits of Benzoin Essential Oil

The Benzoin essential oil has huge benefits for our body, mind, and aura. This versatile essential oil can be used for topical use, Aromatherapy, skincare, soap, diffuser, haircare, incense, candles, air sprays, and perfumes.


The bewildering benefits of Aromatherapy using the effective and essential Benzoin oil benefits our body, aura, and mind with its honey and vanilla-scented aroma. This beneficiary oil cures muscle aches, cramps, and joint pains and promotes peace and sleep. It calms our minds and relieves us from stress. It connects with the root chakra and enhances the regulation of the immune system and body parts.


Normal soap is made with highly potent chemicals and artificial or human-made fragrances. They result in skin infections, cancer, rashes, allergy, and other respiratory issues. Soaps made with natural essential oils not only pamper your skin but also soothe your mind with their lasting fragrance. The fragrance is obtained from the sources of plants; they are not man-made or artificial. The antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties help to prevent and enhance the body from diseases.


Diffusers are another way of using essential oil effectively to experience its exotic benefits. The fragrance diffused from the diffuser relieves us from anxiety and stress. It enhances our mood and encourages us to indulge in many activities actively. It also enhances betterment in sleep and peace. It also helps in increasing focus and makes us concentrate well.


Undoubtedly, you can use Benzoin Essential oil for your skincare routine. Add up to 4- 5 drops, dilute it with the carrier oil, and apply it on your face. Avoid direct application without dilution on your skin, resulting in heavy skin damage. The presence of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties prevents your skin from rashes, acne, blemishes, scars, psoriasis, and other skin infections.


You can use this amazing Benzoin essential oil for your hair care by diluting it with carrier oils. Avoid direct application without dilution on your hair or scalp as it results in heavy hair and scalp damage and allergies. It reduces dandruff and promotes good hair growth. Applying it to your scalp stimulates blood circulation and new hair growth.

Air sprays and perfumes

Air sprays and perfumes can be prepared with essential oils and lukewarm water at home. Place the water at a low temperature and let it Cool. Transfer it to the spray bottle. To experience its incredible benefits, spray it twice daily at your home, car, or office cabin. You can use Benzoin Essential Oil to reduce stress, promote peace and sleep, and melt your mind with its enduring fragrance. Homemade Perfumes are nowadays sold in stores.

Incense and candles

Incense and candles are made with highly exposed chemicals, which results in respiratory, cancer, allergies, and other body and skin-related issues. Some chemically or artificially made incense brings headaches and lowers sleep if the fragrance is not good. So you can use incense and candles made with organic and pure Benzoin essential oil for its exotic benefits for our mind, body, and soul.

Medicinal benefits

Benzoin oil has been widely used in homeopathy and allopathy care. The antibacterial elements presented in this keep us healthy. Using this essential oil indeed brings unbelievable changes in your physical and mental life. The beneficial properties enhance us and our surroundings and refresh us every time. Benzoin essential oil incorporates high benefits.


Blends Well With

Benzoin is an ornamental tree. The Benzoin essential oil blends well with citrus oils like Lemon, litsea, and orange. The spicy oil blends are pink pepper, cinnamon oils, and ginger. Aromatic oils such as jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, and rose are the other blending oils.


Product Details

Botanical Name Styrax Benzoin
Extraction Method Solvent
Origin India, Indonesia
Color Thick brown, viscous liquid
Aroma Benzoin oil has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma
Extracted from  Resin
Consistency Thick and viscous
Note Base


Benzoin Essential Oil for Pets

It is recommended to use on dogs way of making it used as a diffuser, grooming oil, ointment, paw cleaner, etc. It heals wounds, cuts, and abrasions. You should not use it for cats as it affects the liver enzymes and metabolisms vigorously. Consent with your veterinarians before using it for better guidance.



Never allow children and old adults to use it without other consent. Please keep it away from children and store it at a cool or normal room temperature. Avoid using it for pregnant women without doctors' consent. Should not use undiluted; dilute it with other carrier oils before using. Don't use it on repaired or damaged skin to avoid further infections. Excessive doses of essential oil risk human life.



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