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Amber Essential Oil

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Aromachology oils undergo a careful distillation followed by evaluation of aroma.

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Our natural amber essential oil is carefully crafted to offer you a warm, earthy and deep aroma. Its natural therapeutic properties make it ideal for aromatherapy, diffuser blends, body mists, room sprays, candles and soaps. Amber oil is useful in reducing stress and to calm the mind. Distillers meticulously extract this oil from the resin of Pinus succinefera. 

Amber is a go-to oil for introducing depth in high-end perfumes. Create relaxing baths or happy a diluted blend on your pulse points to balance solar plexus chakra. 

  • Botanical Name: Pinus succinefera.
  • Suggested Uses: Perfumery, aromatherapy, room fragrance and massages. 
  • Aroma: Warm, earthy, deep, resinous, slightly smoky
  • Cultivation: Natural/ Traditional
  • Plant Part Used For Extraction: Resin
  • Note: Base 
  • Scent Family: Earthy
  • Colour & Appearance: Light yellowish orange to deep brown
  • Conditions to Avoid: Heat, flames, and sparks.
  • Shelf Life: 4-5 years
  • Flash Point: > 100°C (> 212°F)
  • Other Names: Fossil amber oil

Amber Essential Oil Benefits

Amber essential oil is beneficial in achieving calm in the hustle bustle of modern life. When used during meditation, it can make you feel more confident and in control. Interestingly, many aromatherapists swear by its energizing properties, making amber oil a good choice to diffuse in the mornings. 

In traditional medicine, amber oil is helpful in reducing inflammation and purifying the skin. It also offer spiritual benefits like cleansing energies, centering the mind and introducing positive thoughts. 

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Aromachology is a leading wholesaler and supplier of amber essential oil in the United States

Aromachology Amber Essential Oil is available in wholesale and bulk packaging of up to 100 kgs. You can also buy the same in packaging of 8.5 fl oz, 33.81 fl oz, and bottles of 5 kg, 10 kg etc. Aromachology also provides amber oil for reselling and private label packaging. Drop us a mail for COA, MSDS and any other documents. 

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