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Betel leaf essential oil


Betel Leaf Essential Oil | Piper Betle Oil: 100% Pure, Natural, Undiluted & Steam Distilled

Betel leaf essential oil is a natural essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of Piper betle through steam distillation. The leaves originated in India where they are also known as paan leaves, thus giving it the name paan essential oil. 

If you have ever tried Indian cuisine, you might have definitely tried or heard of the natural mouth freshener called paan, which is usually served after meals. 

This oil is derived from the leaves of the same product. You will find it to be highly aromatic and loaded with health and spiritual benefits. 

Botanical NamePiper Betle

Plant Family: Piperaceae

Country of Origin: India

Extraction Process: Steam Distillation

Plant part used: Leaves

Aroma: Fresh, sharp, pleasant, slightly earthy and sometimes peppery too

Blends Well With:

Colour and Appearance: Pale to dark green in colour

Grade: 100% pure, natural, undiluted. Organic betel leaf essential is available on request.

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Betel Leaf Essential Oil Benefits and Uses: For Wholesale Purpose

Spiritual benefits

Have you heard of the Indian God Ganesha? Betel leaf is offered to him and is considered auspicious. It is used in almost all Hindu ceremonies to mark spirituality and auspicious occasions. 

The reason is that it is cleansing in nature and helps elevate toxins from the surroundings as well as from one's mind. 

Betel leaf essential oil in pharma

Piper Betle essential oil offers a wide range of medicinal benefits as it is a good source of calcium and calms down the inflammation caused by arthritis. You would be surprised to know that it aids in digestive issues too. Betel leaf essential reduces gastrointestinal discomfort and eases stomach aches. 

It acts as a deodorant by eliminating the odor-causing germs, leaving a clean and fresh scent behind. 

As a result, it is widely used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and ointments. 

Skin benefits

Pure and wholesale betel leaf essential oil is known to reduce acne and related skin conditions. It is hence used in the formulation of personal care products and skin care. 

It even has antiseptic properties and was a celebrated ingredient in Ayurveda.

wholesale betel leaf essential oil benefits and uses


History and Cultivation of Betel Leaf Essential Oil

The usage dates back to ancient times when it was particularly prevalent in Southeast Asia. India, being the major producer, celebrated it for its spiritual, medicinal, and health benefits. All cultural, social, and religious practices involved its applications in some form of other. 

Ayurveda also talks highly about it and its usage for overall well-being. 

You will find the plant to be mostly growing in warm and humid climates but direct sunlight might destroy it too. You need to make sure it doesn't get exposed to very harsh and cold conditions as it might not survive there. 


Safety Guidelines

Just like any other oil or herb, I request you to approach betel leaf with proper knowledge and precautions. These are potent plant extracts and should not be ingested, even their applications should be under medical supervision. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid it completely. 


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