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Birch essential oil


Birch Essential Oil: The Definitive Guide

This is your ultimate guide to Birch essential oil.

Yes, I am going to cover all the basic about birch oil like:

  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Uses
  • Blends
  • Aromatic details

But I am also going to reveal lesser known but equally important details like market growth, safety guidelines and best birch essential oil wholesaler. So stay with me till the end. 

Let's start with the basic first.


What is Birch Essential Oil - An Overview

Pure and organic birch essential oil is a steam-distilled extract of the bark of Betula Lenta tree. It has a somewhat sweet and woody aroma and if you sniff deeper then you will experience some faint minty notes too. It is often also known as sweet birch essential oil

The natural active compounds present in it make it a popular oil for therapeutic benefits. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to skincare, it is valued for its numerous health benefits. 

History & Cultivation

Birch tree has been native to Asia and North America. The earlier traces of its usage  are found in Native American culture where all parts of birch were celebrated. 

From bark to twigs and even sap were extracted and used for a wide variety of benefits and applications. 

Surprisingly, ancient medicine practices from all sorts of regions like China, Europe, America, India etc find its mention. 

Aroma and Scent 

Love going for walks in the woods? 

Then this oil is for you! Bring the fresh, woody, slightly sweet aroma of these beloved walks into your home or any other space and turn it into a sanctuary of serenity. 

I am not exaggerating when I equate it to the feeling of fresh air caressing your skin. 

A little too dramatic? 

If you ask me to simply explain what does birch essential oil smell like, then I would go for the following keywords Sweet


birch blends well with pure essential oils like lavender, orange and ginger

Blends Well With

Good quality birch oil blends well with other pure essential oils like


While every oil is different and unique like each one of us, if I really have to push and suggest a good birch essential oil substitute then that list would look something like:


Birch Essential Oil Benefits 

Now let's understand various benefits of sweet birch essential oil that make it so popular. 

Helps ease respiratory discomfort

This is the first benefit I want to highlight because I have personally used and experienced it in this context. Birch oil can help you work with congestion and allergy related struggles. 

It is a natural decongestant. What does that mean? Simply put, it helps break down mucus and enables the body to get rid of it in the system. 

The result? Clear airways for you to breathe freely. 

Say Goodbye to Joint and Muscle Pain

You read that right! Still contemplating how can sweet birch essential oil help reduce muscle pain?

It has a naturally present active compound called methyl salicylate which is a nature's gift to us in form of analgesic. 

If you or anyone around you has been struggling with muscle or joint pain, I strongly recommend trying a simple massage of a concoction prepared with birch oil. 

Skincare benefits

Believe it or not this natural wonder helps with skincare too. A natural astringent, birch is perfect to craft skin care products like toners and cleansers. 

It will kill the bacteria build up on the skin, leaving you with clear and dirt free skin. 

Spiritual Benefits

While we are all caught up in the hustle-bustle of modern day life, birch oil wholesale is nature's way of reminding us to pause, breathe and take it one day at a time. 

Spiritually, it helps us to foster positivity and wellbeing in our lives and manifest all things happy. Its grounding and calming aroma is will help you find yourself in the deepest of chaos. 


Complete list of benefits and uses of birch oil


Birch Essential Oil Uses For Wholesale Purpose

Following is a cumulative list of uses of wholesale birch oils for your reference.

Please note that these are just some suggestive uses and feel free to discover more applications of Betula Lenta oil depending on your needs, while following the safety guidelines, of course. 

  • Candle making
  • Soap making
  • Skincare manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  • making joint and muscle pain oils and ointments
  • sauna and spa
  • make birch diffuser oil and blends


Safety Guidelines and Precautions

Birch is a truly aromatic wonder and yet a pure essential oil. Which means it is not advisable to use it neat. Dilute it with a good quality carrier oil to experience the best of its benefits. 

Pregnant and nursing women should consult their medical professional before using it as every body is different and so is the reaction to natural products. 

Is birch essential oil safe for dogs?

No, birch essential oil is not safe for dogs. While there is a lack substantial evidence, every dog is different and thus I recommend checking with your vet first before using Betula Lenta oil around your furry friend. 

Some claim that the presence of methyl salicylate in it can cause toxicity to pets, so avoiding would be a safer bet. 


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Sweet Birch Oil in Bulk Details

Product Name Birch Essential Oil
Botanical Name Betula Lenta
Extraction Method Steam distallation
Origin China / India
Colour pale yellow to colourless
Aroma Woody, sweet, camphor like, fresh, minty
Extracted from Wood