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Orange Essential Oil


What is Orange Essential Oil? (Citrus aurantium)

The origin of this orange essential oil is said to be coming from the land of China or India, where oranges have been cultivated for many centuries. In the 16th century, orange essential oil became famous for its potential uses.

The fragrance of this essential oil is addictive and stimulating. If you love to get the sweet aroma of orange even when the orange season is not in sight, buy the orange essential oil that helps for various purposes.

Orange essential oil is viewed as a beneficial oil. The scent of the essential oil is mild, sweet, and citrusy. The fragrance stands off among all the fruity aromas if added in the correct proportion.



Extraction segregates a byproduct from natural materials such as plants, seeds, fruit, or oil. There are two typical ways to extract essential oil from oranges.

  • Steam distillation

Steam distillation is collecting the vapor and transforming it into a liquid state. Here, orange peels are stored dutifully and kept still when the steam is enacted. The resultant smoke is carefully recast into a liquid, and this liquid is considered a pure orange extract.

  • Absolute extraction

This method of extracting is called gentle extraction due to the organic result. Here, orange peels are crushed and provoked to give the organic orange liquid.


Contemporary Uses

In ancient times, They were used for health purposes, and orange extraction treats flu, headaches, and colds. The orange essential oil is also utilized as a perfume in olden times to decrease body odor. Orange has natural antibiotic properties, so orange oil is a wound-cleaning agent. They made candles using this essential oil as a room freshener in old times.

The aid of this essential oil has lately been boosted due to its genuine cures and the popularity of aromatherapy. The orange essential oils are added in some strong disinfectant acids to avoid the roughness of the smell.


Benefits of Orange Essential Oil


Many studies prove that using this essential oil creates a good positive environment. In aromatherapy, orange oil increases a sense of reassurance and equips leisure. Recently, the orange essential oil in aromatherapy has been raised for its amazing effect.


Orange essential oil is a natural antioxidant used in skin care products to improve skin without any damage caused by free radicles. Using this oil removes bacteria and microorganisms in the skin and emits properties that make the skin glow.


Orange essential oil is popular in the field of perfumery. This oil has a mild and sweet scent that both men and women widely prefer. Due to their refreshing and mood-lifting scent, they are also kept as room fresheners.

Candles and incense

The orange essential oil in candles adds a fragrance along with the light. The gentle scent of the candles and incense improves the vibe in the room. This essential oil in candles makes the room smell more romantic, and the light flickering adds a visual look, increasing a sense of privacy and intimacy. The orange oil also removes unwanted scents from the atmosphere. Candles and incense are more popular for spiritual purposes, where they are used to purify a soul. Adding a scented candle or incense gives a touch of elegance and an aesthetic look.


Medical Benefits

The orange essential oil acts as an antiviral property that fights off viruses. This oil also is a potent antioxidant that helps to protect our skin when adding a few drops in the bath.

This essential oil helps to ease the pain and swelling of an injury which has anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil has been verified to treat mild discomforts like headaches, muscle cramps, and pain.


Essential Oil for Pets

It is safe to use a very small amount of orange essential oil with some other weakened carrier oil for pets only if necessary.

Using this essential oil after getting a vet consultant for your beloved pets is highly advised.


Component Breakdown

Limonene - limonene includes up to ninety-seven percent in ratio. Limonene has various health benefits, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and antimicrobial.

Linalool - linalool encloses up to seven percent in ratio. It is a monoterpene alcohol with a floral scent, and linalool is widely known for its soothing purpose.

Geraniol - Geraniol contains up to two percent in ratio. Geraniol is a type of alcohol that emits a rose scent.

Nerol - Nerol contains up to two in ratio. Nerol is a type of monoterpene alcohol popularly known for its use in essential oils.

Other components :

  1. Esters
  2. Terpineol
  3. Aldehydes
  4. Ketones
  5. Oxides



Always dilute orange oil with a carrier oil - adding some other carrier to the orange essential oil is advised due to the strong fragrance if applied as an extract.

Do not use orange essential oil internally - it causes harm if the extract is carelessly applied to the eyes or goes inside the nose or ear, and it is less likely to recommend for those purposes. Kindly read the precautions dutifully.

Avoid using orange oil if you are pregnant or nursing - It came to notice that the scent may cause little nausea or some other side effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Testing in a small patch of skin: If you decide to apply orange essential oil to the skin, please check by taking a small amount of this essential oil and putting it in a small patch. You can guess if the orange oil reacts positively or negatively in your skin by checking this.



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Product Details 

Product Name Orange Essential Oil
Botanical Name Citrus aurantium
Extraction Method Cold Pressed
Origin Italy
Color yellow to brownish green liquid
Aroma Sweet yet citrusy, fresh
Extracted from Fruit Peel
Blends Well With lemon, vanilla, geranium, ginger, frankincense, coriander, clove, bergamot


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Orange Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?

Dogs are quite sensitive to smells, so avoid using orange essential oil. Before using an essential oil, consult a vet doctor to prevent possible threats.

Is Orange Essential Oil Safe for Cats?

Cats prefer scentless areas and also react heavily to potent scents. You should carefully pick the amount of orange essential oil in the atmosphere to avoid probable dangers. Consulting a vet before using is a must.

Is orange essential oil good for sleeping?

The aroma of orange essential oil is believed to bring a homely and calm vibe. So using this oil as an incense or room fresher gives a night of good sleep.

Can I use orange oil on my face?

Yes, after sampling a small quantity of orange oil diluted in the carrier oil in a small skin patch to avoid more extensive irritation if you are allergic to orange-based products.

Is orange oil suitable for skin whitening?

Orange essential oil has antioxidant properties. The orange oil helps to acquire a natural glow and improves the skin without tanning.